Ivanka Trump plastic surgery has been the subject of media speculation ever since she made an appearance at the Golden Globe Awards way back in 2007 in her fitting white dress.

Being the daughter of the Donald trump, the business mogul and a wife to Jared Kushner, owner of The New York Observer’s, Ivanka’s life is more of a public affair than it is private. Her professional modeling career that she started from a young age also contributed significantly to her celebrity status. To defend her alleged plastic surgery has been her brother Donald Jnr who has been on record several times saying that her sister is 100% real.

The Types of Plastic Surgeries Done on Ivanka Trump

The first noticeable difference in her looks and general appearance comes into the open when you look at her 2006 photos when she was a judge at The Apprentice 5 vis-à-vis her recent pregnant photos.

Ivanka Trump Nose Job

Back then when she was active in her modeling career, she had a conspicuous receding chin and a cute bump on her nose. At look at her now shows a totally different appearance; the nose is somewhat pinched and the chin is fitting in well with her facial bone structure.

Ivanka Trump nose job before & after

Ivanka Trump nose job before & after

Her high nose bridge is much slimmer now and protrudes a little bit more compared to her previous looks. Pundits also argue that it is higher and straighter than it was while the tip seems somehow raised. The tip of her nose is much more pointed and coming from a relatively smaller nasal board. The gossip columnists and celebrity watchers are suggesting that she underwent a couple of plastic surgeries.


There is some noticeable dermal fillers evidence prompting some observers to suggest the possibility of Botox injections. Her face has also been extra smooth and unusually shiny pointing towards a comprehensive facelift.

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery before after

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery before after

Her recent interviews also reveal a somewhat frozen face that lacks its natural features. Experts in the cosmetic surgery industry say that this could be the result of Botox injections that hit the wrong spots hence freezing some muscles and nervous endings.

The celebrity is also rumored to have undergone fat grafting that slightly enlarged her jaw line. Her frontal view shows a perfect face that has made her admirers love her even more. Her side looks however reveal a different story; it’s more of a life-like mask and it doesn’t fit quite well.

Ivanka Trump Breast Implants

Ivanka Trump breast augmentation before & after

Ivanka Trump breast augmentation before & after

Even before her pregnancy, Ivanka’s photos showed an increased bust line that changed her cup size from A to D-cup. Upon a closer look, her right breast seemed slightly askew. Her recent pictures however do not show this; suggesting to a surgical correction done on the same. The breast implants that she is rumored to have had were a little bit disproportionate compared to her body size. The A-cup was seen to be the best natural fit. Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery yielded mixed results.

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