Jackie Chan, one of the most distinguishable cinematic celebrities was born in Hong Kong and he was professionally trained in martial arts and acrobatics at a very early age.

His first movie was released at the age of 8 and this was a time when Jackie Chan net worth was no more than that of an ordinary actor. But now Jackie Chan net worth is around $140 million according to Celebrity net worth website. In his teen years, he worked as a stuntman in films starring Bruce Lee.

Later he got another film Little Tiger from Canton. He had a title role in this film and this initiated a never ending chain of films in which he performed outstanding stunts. This series of films includes his block busters Shanghai Noon and Rush Hour. He also produced a film in which he starred and also wrote its script. The name of the film was Little Big Soldier and this film won him Golden Palm award in 2010.

Jackie Chan net worth 2015

Jackie Chan is a big fan of Will Smith, Michael Jackson and James Cameron and he is crazy for chocolates, ice creams, and sweets, although he doesn’t like this trait. He is an organized person and he can’t tolerate untidiness around him.

Besides being organized, he has peace of mind and knows that happiness originates from small things so to him, happiness and peace are the biggest pleasures of life. He has traveled all over the world and he says, he can live anywhere but Norway, since it is a place where the sun goes down at 11 p.m.

He likes dinosaurs and once he said if he could have a super power, he would like dinosaurs to come back to life. He is a simple man and he likes to give back so he is often seen to spend generously into charities. It is also normal for him to cry when he goes on charity trips; whenever he listens to a family’s sad story, he cries and helps them with all his heart.

He married Joan Lin and he has two kids: Etta Ng and Jaycee Chan. Jackie Chan family lives at Beverly Hills, CA, USA. Jackie loves planes and he owns a magnificent jet called ‘Legacy 650’.

Jackie Chan and his wife

Jackie Chan and his wife

Jackie Chan with Will Smith's family

Jackie Chan with Will Smith’s family

The most interesting thing about this jet is that passengers can comfortably rest or work inside it because it features Honeywell Primus Elite suite and spacious seats with numerous automated systems. Jackie Chan also initiated an NGO known as Smile Foundation in 2001. The aim of the foundation is to donate to poor and needy people and to bring smiles on their faces.

Jackie Chan's house at Beverly Hills

Jackie Chan’s house at Beverly Hills

The rock star loves kids and he runs a network called Kids Wish Network though which he grants funds worldwide to fulfill wishes of kids who are suffering from terminal disorders. Dragon’s Heart Charity and Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation are also owned by this sweet person. He lives in the hearts of people and Jackie Chan net worth of $140 million is far less than what he actually deserves.

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