Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery received much attention and hype because of the significant role that the actress plays.

Being the wife of Will Smith, the actor and singer, Jada Pinkett has received extra attention from the media and tabloids. She has spent much of her time in the limelight making people to be concerned about every move that she makes. In fighting for her place among the younger and upcoming celebrities, the actress has gone to every length to achieve this.

There a lot of cosmetic operations that she allegedly went through. Even though she denies the claims, the critics have gone ahead to list the various surgical procedures she procured. This seems to be a pattern among celebrities that they go through surgical procedures only to deny later. Many of them attribute their cute bodies to exercise and diet a fact that is often refuted by pundits.

The following are some of the rumored operations that the celebrity underwent –

Botox Operations

Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery before and after

Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery before and after

Jada Pinkett Smith is said to have procured Botox operations in order to make her skin even and smooth. Looking at the texture of her skin at her age, someone would not imagine it belongs to a person in her forties. She looks much younger. This has had its downside in that even though the skin is tight and well stretched, it looks so much plastic and artificial. This is probably the reason why the celebrity does not want to publicly acknowledge the effects of the surgery. Her husband has also remained silent on the issue opting rather to concentrate on other affairs.

Cheek Implants

Her cheeks look smooth and full. This has been the subject of debate especially among celebrity watchers. They have been keen to observe the transformations in the cheeks and comparing them to the before plastic surgery photos. Having fuller cheeks is usually desirable as it is one of the ways of fighting off the effects of aging.

However, it is not always that such effects are positive. For the case of Jada Pinkett, her cheeks are full and fleshy but the area around them is composed of sagging skin. This again has made her to look unnatural in appearance.

Many people would wish that she goes for a corrective surgery where the sagging skin would be removed but that would mean subjecting herself under the knife again. This could be too much and damaging.


Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery before and after picture

Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery before and after picture

One of the ways of analyzing whether a person has had a facelift is to watch them as they smile. Most of these smiles look plastic and artificial. This is the case of Jada Pinkett Smith. Her face was worked on by a surgeon who appears less skilled in his practice. This has cost her so much both financially and in terms of beauty. Facials are usually very delicate and can easily disrupt the entire appearance if not handled well.


There is a general agreement pertaining to Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery. She appears plastic, unnatural and artificial. Even though she denies having procured cosmetic surgery, the writing is on the wall.

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