Jane Fonda plastic surgery is not as complicated as some celebrity surgeries are. She came out into the open and publicly admitted that indeed time had come for her to give cosmetic surgery an opportunity.

Looking at her age that is way past seventy and comparing it with her appearance, the two do not tally. She looks 30 years younger than she really is. When asked about her secret, Jane Fonda confided that her nutrition and exercise played a key role in revitalizing her body.

She says that old age is great but if you want to be in the limelight, you have to look on the outside in as much as you are looking inward. By this she meant that you need to take care of your outside appearance. She has been complaining for long about her eye bags and she thought having them fixed is a great ideal.

The effectiveness of the surgery

Jane Fonda plastic surgery before and after

Jane Fonda plastic surgery before and after

At her age, very few people would expect that cosmetic surgical procedures would yield the desired results. However that was far from the truth because indeed the procedures worked and gave her a new lease of life. As an advice, she always says that the choice of the surgical expert and the timing of the surgery are very important in achieving the expected results.

What procedures did she go through?

According to her personal confession, Jane Fonda went through three specific cosmetic procedures. All these were aimed at correcting some undesirable effects that she had identified.

Neck Lift

This is a very critical procedure especially for those who want to get rid of the sagging skin around the neck. As part of aging, individuals tend to have some loose skin around the neck area. This is due to reduced body activities and skin regeneration. Neck lifts are usually done through a well orchestrated removal of the loose skin which leaves a smooth neck area without wrinkles or any signs of aging.

Jane Fonda plastic surgery pic

Jane Fonda plastic surgery pic

Jane Fonda’s neck is smooth and well elongated just like the way she was in her youthful years. This gives her an attractive personality and appearance.

Chin Lift

The chin just like the neck also needs a redressing which involves removal of the skin and tightening of all loose ends. Most of the people who go for chin lifts are usually the aged because this operation deals with the removal of the loose skin. Looking at Jane Fonda, you will realize that her chin is sharper and well inclined. Her jaw line is also well chiseled an aspect that can only be attributed to cosmetic surgery.

Eye Lift

As a person ages, the eyes usually become frail and baggy. Jane Fonda witnessed this and decided to take early measures by looking for a qualified surgeon who would remove the eye bags and carefully tighten the skin around the eyes so as to make her eyes lively again. In her before and after photos, Jane Fonda comes out as an alert, cheerful and bright looking celebrity.

Jane Fonda plastic surgery was successful and it has sustained her to this end. You can easily mistake her with a person in her youth.

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