Janice Dickinson plastic surgery caused her a fortune and left her bankrupt. This story has to ends; the bankruptcy and the surgery that happened. Though both fronts have the same magnitude, this article chooses to focus on the surgery part of it. Nobody can deny that Janice Dickinson was a beautiful woman. She had the body and the structure that even at 50 years, she was looking gorgeous. But what happened in her life sent her tumbling with no money and somehow a ruined future. This is just an example of the many celebrities who go down this way only to find that they are broke and sick.

What Kind of Surgeries Drove Janice Dickinson Broke?

According to eye witnesses, medical experts and the media, Janice Dickinson is said to have undergone a number of different surgeries in succession. In fact from her claims, the celebrity has undergone breast implants, facelift, tummy-tuck and Botox. She also claims that the ex-husbands paid for them all, though this is subject to confirmation.

Breast Implant

This is the first surgery the celebrity underwent. Out of pressure and desire to look beautiful, Janice decided to have her breasts enlarged. This is not strange in this field and career.

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Before After

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Before After

Many women out of the push factors have procured breast augmentation or reduction just to align their bust with the rest of the body structure. Photos taken before and after the implant clearly show a difference in Janice’s bust size. Her chest was relatively flat but after the augmentation process, the breasts bulged to their current size.


This is a cosmetic procedure that Janice Dickinson confirmed herself. She underwent the facelift to make herself more beautiful and to fight off the signs of aging. Looking at her face, you can confirm that indeed she went through the exercise. It looks much brighter and younger for a woman her age. This has helped her to stay in the limelight. On her forehead, the stress lines and traces of wrinkles are not as intense as would be expected. Now that she declared herself bankrupt, the thoughts of being broke should have taken a toll on her appearance and health. This is not however the case.


Janice Dickinson plastic surgery

Janice Dickinson plastic surgery

This is also an operation that Janice procured. It’s normally undertake to cut the fat accumulation around the abs. The results of this are a flat stomach and a sexy figure. Many celebrities do this in addition to exercise and good diet.

Botox Treatment

Having gone through a facelift, it was almost expected that the celebrity would procure a Botox. She confirmed this herself without any regrets at all. From her looks, you can tell that her skin was modified a little bit making it look tight and youthful. All the wrinkles and frown lines are gone and in her late sixties she still looks half her age.

On an overall perspective, Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery did her some good even though it brought in the alleged bankruptcy. Bearing in mind that the celebrity was at one point $14 million richer, the allegation that it is the surgeries that made her bankrupt is more of a fallacy than a true story.

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