Jay Leno net worth is estimated to be $350 million with a regular yearly income of $15 million.

The name of his wife is Mavis Leno and they married in 1980. The couple has no kids. Mavis is four years older than Jay and she openly takes credit of the decision of to have no children. Jay talks a lot about his late parents and listening to many of his interviews, it sounds like family means a lot to him.

Probably the love of Mavis forced him to scarify his desire to have a family. Mavis calls her husband to be the second kindest human being she has ever met.

Jay Leno studied at Emerson College and like many celebrities rising from a humble background; he too started his career from night clubs. He was very hard working when he was young and he worked 300 nights a year until he earned fame with his popular show The Tonight Show.

Jay Leno net worth 2015

He was also signed to a few films i.e. American Hot Wax; but his TV appearances earned him more fame. He won an Emmy in 1995 for his night show at television. By then he was known as a big cute guy with sober comedy routine. His trademarks include a big chin, white hair with black spot, and a high pitched voice.

Jay Leno is a legend in entertainment industry but there is another side of the hero some of us probably don’t know. He is an automobile addict and whatever he earns at the Tonight Show, he spends it on his hobby of collecting expensive cars.

His favorite spot besides his home is the Big Dog Garage in California that is the superstar’s personal car garage. He has placed antique motoring memorabilia, heavy bikes, and expensive cars in the garage. He not only rides in those cars, but also works on them in his garage, and presents them to car shows as small as Cars and Coffee to as big as Pebble Beach car week.

Jay Leno's garage and car collection

Jay Leno’s garage and car collection

Below is an overview of some of his favorite rides:

The first one in Jay Leno car collection is the 1986 Lamborghini Countach. He has traveled 70,000 miles in this car and this has been his ride in 1986.

Jay Leno's 1986 Lamborghini Countach

Jay Leno’s 1986 Lamborghini Countach

The second one is 1909 Stanley Steamer. These types of cars are now placed in museums but the process of starting the steam engine is awesome.

Jay Leno's 1909 Stanley Steamer

Jay Leno’s 1909 Stanley Steamer

The third notable car is 1937 Fiat Topolino and it covers 40 miles with five gallon fuel tank that is extraordinary when compared to the cars we ride today. Blastolene Special (aka Tank Car) is re-engineered by the star himself.

Jay Leno's 1937 Fiat Topolino

Jay Leno’s 1937 Fiat Topolino

Jay Leno's house in Los Angeles, California

Jay Leno’s house in Los Angeles, California

Jay Leno cars enthusiast bought it at a time when it was not road legal but he re-engineered it in his own garage to make it capable of driving on a road. EcoJet car was a design study that the GM invented with the co-operation of Jay and it was presented at SEMA. Jay later fit a gas turbine to make it eco friendly. His superb car collection adds a lot to Jay Leno net worth.

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