The case of Jeanine Pirro plastic surgery shows that cosmetic procedures have permeated every industry not only the entertainment and fashion scene. Jeanine Pirro is a judge who operates within the New York state and previously was prosecutor. Such a profile is enough to bring into the public every single thing that the person does.

For Jeanine Pirro, it was not her legal prowess or the eloquence that comes with her career rather it was the story about the plastic surgery. While some people treat it as a rumor, some have gone ahead to do their own private investigations to confirm the rumors being peddled around.

Being an Emmy Award winner and a host to her own show named “Judge Jeanine Pirro”, her celebrity status became widely popular. This was one of the reasons why her fan base and other viewers of her show became increasingly interested in what could have changed her looks. Some of them were quick to point out that she could have gone under the knife while others were still conservative terming the change as natural and lifestyle based.

 Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro

Based on pictorial comparison pitting her old looks against her current appearance, some significant changes can be noticed.

What are the Likely Cosmetic Operations that Jeanine Pirro Could have Procured?

Botox Injections

Jeanine Pirro may not be as young as she looks. Based on her current appearance, it seems that something was done to modify her looks. She is much younger compared to her age mates and her previous photos.

For a person who is past the age of 60, many would have expected that the signs of aging should have started taking a toll on her. Cases of wrinkles, sagging skin and frown lines are clearly not part and parcel of her appearance.

While it is appreciated that lifestyle and exercise could have contributed to her new look, this proposition appears inconsistent on two accounts. The first is that the change appears rapid meaning there must have been an accelerator. Secondly, at her age even with a lifestyle change, some signs cannot be eliminated.

This augment has led many to believe that the smooth face that looks lively and youthful could have been as a result of Botox injection using chemicals such as Juvederm and Restylane.


In addition to the Botox operation, Jeanine Pirro Plastic Surgery is said to have incorporated some facials. Botox operations do not work on the face comprehensively instead it targets some specific areas.

Jeanine Pirro plastic surgery photo

Jeanine Pirro plastic surgery photo

A facelift on the other hand, completes the areas that a Botox could not handle. It works hand in hand with the Botox operation to result into a much brighter and refreshed look. When done badly, this procedure can result into a frozen face which can damage your general appearance.

Her popularity increased even after the alleged surgery contrary to the thoughts of many people. Being in the public domain and still maneuver through such a procedure without losing your reputation is an achievement in its own sense.
Based on these and other factors, it can be said that Jeanine Pirro surgery went well.

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