Jeef Grodon, NASCAR driver is one of the wealthiest NASCAR drivers receiving $22 million annual salary. Jeff Gordon net worth is around $200 million and he is 43 years old. Besides race car driving, he is also fond of acting.

Jeff whose full name is Jeffrey Michael Gordon was born in California, and raised in Indiana. He started his racing career at a very early age of five years. Later he practiced sprint cars and finally, entered into NASCAR Busch Series in 1992.

Jeff is also known as Wonder Boy and Rainbow Warrior for his brilliant performances. He is an amazing racing car driver who has won four series championships one after the other.

He has also conquered the title of Daytona 500 championship thrice. He is the third all times’ career winner with 87 wins on his credit.

Jeff Gordon net worth 2015

Jeff Gordon has also achieved the most wins throughout starting from 1972 to present and it makes him the most successful NASCAR winner of modern era. He has so many medals, wins, and achievements on his credit that we cannot even count them in one article.

Besides being a great racing car champion, Jeff has a remarkable humanitarian personality and admirable voice acting talents. Jeff Gordan net worth is a bit lower than what his fans expect it to be. The reason is his divorce from ex-wife Brooke.

Jeff has to pay $100 million to his wife (Brooke Gordon) at the time of divorce. She also has an exclusive access to their ocean front home (worth $9 million), his personal jets, boats, and other assets. He lost a lot of his worth due to this breakup.

Jeff Gordon's Ex Wife Brooke Gordon

Jeff Gordon’s Ex Wife Brooke Gordon

He lives in a casually modern house in Charlotte’s South Park and the most interesting thing about his house that Jeff mostly requests guests to take off their shoes before entering into the pool area, bed rooms, and living rooms. The windows, doors, and furniture are designed by Pembrooke and Ives. He has placed artwork of Matisse and Alison Van Pelt.

Jeff Gordon's house

Jeff Gordon’s house

Jeff is also a huge fan of the photographer Peter Beard and this is visible when you look at the walls of his house. He has a nicely decorated billiard room, a bar, and a wine cellar. He owns a wine brand, and the wine cellar is stocked up with different flavors of wine from his own brand. He has placed a life size doll house at the end of his 30 feet long swimming pool that looks incredibly cool.

Jeff Gordon's Yacht

Jeff Gordon’s Yacht

Jeff has recently announced that he will soon stop competitive driving, probably in 2015 because he wants to spend quality time with his family.

Jeff Gordon’s Private Jet - Hawker 800

Jeff Gordon’s Private Jet – Hawker 800

Jeff Gordon’s wife Vandebosch has brought surprising changes in him, that are quite unusual for racing car drivers. He loves sun bathe, art, and wine. He also runs an NGO known as Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation, an adjacent hospital for children, and another organization called Athletes for Hope.

Gordon says when I think about my past life, I feel wonderful because everything went so good that I even couldn’t think of.

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