Jennie Garth plastic surgery is no longer a rumor because the celebrity admitted during an interview that she indeed underwent cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks. Very few people would have the courage to admit even if the writings are all over the wall.

Having gone through a painful divorce with her ex-husband and actor Peter Facinelli, Jennie Garth must have felt the stress and strain of leaving a lonely life. She has had her fair share of sadness and cosmetic surgery was undertaken to specifically prevent her early aging signs.

Why She Went Through Surgery

Different celebrities have different perspectives of what it means to look beautiful. The stakes are usually high especially on the celebrity scene and everyone is battling to look good. With younger celebrities coming up, sustaining the stage dominance is not an easy job. Cosmetic surgery has been a common practice from times past with the only difference being the complexity with which the exercise is being carried on now.

What Procedures Did Jennie Garth Procure?

From her confession and how she looks in her before and after plastic surgery photos, there is a difference in appearance.

Jennie Garth plastic surgery before and after

For those who are familiar with her previous looks, it is obvious that she has changed now. She looks smoother and more alert than she was before. This points towards a number of cosmetic surgeries such as Botox injections as well as eyelid surgery.

Botox Treatment

The first sign of aging is usually evident on the facial and bodily appearances. The coming of wrinkles ushers in the next phase of life which many celebrities do not want to enter into. Aging graciously has never been a desire of celebrities both male and female. They struggle in all manners to ensure that they reverse if not stop the effects of age.

Jennie GarthMany of the celebrities’ careers are dependent on age and the onset of frown lines usually marks an end to the stage life. Jennie Garth must have found herself in the same dilemma making her go through Botox injections so as to smoothen her looks. Her face now is smoother and more refined than it was previously.

She also says that the use of sun screens and a halted smoking process have contributed in major ways to how she looks today. This is undeniable despite the fact that the surgery played a key role in how she looks today.

Eyelid Surgery

Having sharp and alert eyes is a sign of youthfulness. As one ages, the eyes too show signs of aging. The eyes of Jennie Garth were no different; the eyelid had started becoming heavy and slightly swollen. The characteristic eye bags had started appearing also under her eyes. This must have disturbed her pushing her to choose cosmetic operation as a way of eliminating them. She now looks more alert and fresh just like the other young celebrities with whom she shares the stage.


Jennie Garth plastic surgery restored her cheerfulness and successfully made her get rid of the effects of the divorce she suffered. Having three children and looking the way she is, signals a lot of effort expended.

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