Jennifer Garner plastic surgery is heavily publicized not because it is the first one to be undertaken but rather one that combines with her celebrity status in an exciting way. She is an American actress who gained much of recognition while starring as CIA agent in the drama series Alias.

Many of the people, who were watching this thrilling series, were doing it on two fronts. The first being the plot of the drama and how the characters interplay in developing the overall theme while the second approach was looking at who is who in the drama. It is at this point that many of them closely examined the appearance of Jennifer Garner.

Being an A-list actress, Jennifer Garner has attracted a large number of followers and this is why her change of looks was much publicized. She looks smooth and young for her age, a development that has had many people thinking that the celebrity has procured plastic surgery.

Even though Jennifer Garner has not admitted to having a plastic surgery, experts together with her fans have argued that the big changes to her looks cannot come on a silver platter; some work seems to have been done.

Jennifer Garner plastic surgery before after

Jennifer Garner plastic surgery before after

What are the Likely Cosmetic Procedures that Jennifer Garner Could Have Undergone?


Looking at her nose, there seems to have been a slight change in its appearance. Earlier, the nose was slightly wide compared to the way it is now. Her current look is characterized by a smooth, narrow and sharp nose. When you compare her before and after photos, there seems to be a difference in the appearance of her bridge. This means that some work could have been done on it as well. Nose jobs are usually done to align the nasal features with the rest of the face. This could have been the reason behind the celebrity going through the process.

Lip Augmentation

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Aside from the nose and its appearance, her lips could have been the second candidate for surgical procedures. They look pouty, fuller and more sensual. This is rather unusual for a person her age. The lips look modified but in a very good way.

In fact, those who look at her mistake the changed lip appearance for natural ones. The surgeon apart from being an expert seems to have done a wonderful job on her. Lip augmentation normally includes the use of fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane to boost the appearance of the lips making them sexy and luscious.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This is an operation that very few celebrities go through. It is not that expensive for them not to afford but some of them prefer to stay away from it because of the inherent risks that it could have.

Jennifer however is a rare breed of a celebrity. She decided to go through the process whereby her teeth were whitened, straightened and given a finishing that improved her general appearance.

Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery, according to the sentiments of many people was done in a spectacular manner. It improved her overall look without distorting any of her natural features. She looks gorgeous and fabulous at her age!

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