Jennifer Hudson net worth is $20 million and she is an American recording artist and actor.

She has played impressive roles in the Sex and the City and Dreamgirls. Other hits of this Chicago based, 33 years old actor include Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete, The Secret Life of Bees, and Winnie Mandela.

Her full name is Jennifer Kate Hudson and she graduated in 1999. After graduation, she sang on a cruise ship in Disney and the next year she auditioned for American Idol on Fox and luckily she was selected.

Jennifer Hudson American idol fame of year 2004 actually received a huge fan following and praise for her performances in American Idol. She disappeared from screen when she was eliminated from the Fox show after entering into the finals.

Jennifer Hudson net worth 2015

Then she appeared in 2005 in Dreamgirls and won the hearts of her fans once again. Her unforgettable performance And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going stole innumerable hearts and it won him an Oscars and a Golden Globe for being the best supporting actor.

She said in an interview that living close to her family and friends keeps her alive and helps build her character. She loves to live in Chicago because it is a musical city and it has given birth to many great musicians like Chaka Khan and Kanye.

She has been a huge inspiration for many women through her weight watchers endorsements. She says that she sees herself as a piece of art and she wants to create herself everyday. When she does something for her own self, she feels better and even a small act brings a change and change is another name of growth.

Jennifer Hudson with her son

Jennifer Hudson with her son

She loves her son David Jr. so much that she can’t begin her day without looking at him. She says I never knew how much my parents love me unless I became a mom. When we read her interviews, Jennifer sounds quite religious, she says that the best thing her mom gave to her was to bring her up in church and she is doing the same for her son.

Plus, she wants him to know that nothing is impossible in the world. She feels like the only power that pushed her to be what she is today, was the belief that she can do anything her mind is up to.

Jennifer Hudson's house in Chicago

Jennifer Hudson’s house in Chicago

Jennifer Hudson family (far family) is quite huge and she is very family oriented. She never thought moving from Chicago to another place, nor even for work, and this is just because she loves the place where her family lives. She loves music from her heart and she has dreams of singing a Christmas song with Barbra Streisand.

Prince is her ideal and she loves spending time with him. In fact, she is a huge fan of him. She says that her transition from singing to acting has always come from a real place. She takes her inspiration from music mainly.

Jennifer Hudson's car - Hyundai Veloster C3

Jennifer Hudson’s car – Hyundai Veloster C3

To her, acting and singing are different ways to put in that feeling and your success depends on how beautifully and seamlessly you do that. Music gives you emotions and you can use those emotions in acting.

According to her, she can’t achieve anything without music and it is her biggest source of satisfaction. She has recently started working as a designer for a clothing brand. Jennifer Hudson net worth may increase over time as she is very energetic and enthusiastic and is always ready to do anything.

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