Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery was brought into the open by Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoubi. Accroding to the little secret that was let out through the social networking site Twitter, Dr. Ayham attributed the beauty of Jennifer Lopez to some surgical procedures. The doctor even backed this up with two images of Jennifer Lopez before and after plastic surgery photos.

Upon closer interrogation, the doctor backed down and claimed that it was his assistant who had posted the photos without his knowledge.

Jennifer Lopez Fighting Off

Following the twitter message by doctor Ayham, the Latin beauty decided to take the case into her hands and clear her name. She wrote back addressing the doctor that she did not undergo any cosmetic procedure to enhance her looks and beauty. This defense made the doctor to pull down his tweets and apologize.

Did Jennifer Lopez Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Despite her frantic efforts to save her image from public malign, there are some truths in the tweets of Dr. Ayham. It is true that the celebrity has changed in terms of appearance from the way she looked in her before surgery photos.

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery before after

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery before after photo via

We cannot rightly attribute this change to physical exercise and diet because we clearly know how far the two can go as far as enhancing beauty is concerned. There seems to have been a human intervention in the form of cosmetic procedures that were geared at changing the appearance of the celebrity and reversing the aging process.

Some of the procedures that the celebrity could have procured include the following.

Lip Fillers

This has become a trademark procedure for most celebrities. This is because of the notion that collapsed lips are signs of aging and they give someone a rather unpleasant appearance. In order to fight this, most celebrities have used dermal fillers in a bid to retain the turgidity and firmness of their lips. Despite the fact that celebrities approach the issue of lip fillers differently, does not excuse Jennifer Lopez from the rumors.

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery

Looking at her before and after photos, you can almost attest to the fact that she underwent lip augmentation. Usually, a chemical such as Juvederm and Restylane is injected into the fleshy part of the lips so as to make them full and luscious.

At her age, many would have expected that her lips should have started showing signs of aging but this is not the case. They are fuller and fleshy.

Botox Treatment

Again this is a procedure that she has not publicly acknowledged but looking at her beauty, you can tell from afar that it is enhanced. Her skin is unusually tightened and looks glossy. This is unexpected since many people would have associated with her easily if she had some slight wrinkles and loose skin. The enhanced beauty could have been the excellent work of a doctor who knew his job perfectly well.


Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery may be still a mystery but in a way the writing is on the wall. The signs of aging are gone and the celebrity is enjoying her youthful years once more.

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