Jessica Lange plastic surgery is one of the many American celebrity surgeries that rarely escape the attention of the media. Being a stage and screen actress, Jessica Lange has had an exciting career that has seen her bag Academy Award nominations in her 35 year career. This coupled with the fact that she is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, has given her publicity and a large fan base. She is also a mother of three.

Having lived most of her life in publicity, Jessica Lange has felt the pressure of keeping up with the expectations of her fans, sponsors and the audience at large. One of those expectations is to always look young and sexy. With the burden of parenthood and the fact that age is a respecter of no one, she has been rumored to have undergone plastic surgery to boost her looks. There are a number of procedures that the celebrity is most likely to have procured.

Face Lift

Looking at Jessica Lange either at a close range or in magazines you would immediately notice the smoothness that characterizes her face. Her skin is so tight and shiny.

Jessica Lange plastic surgery before and after

Jessica Lange plastic surgery before and after

A person at her age would have been expected to have lines on her forehead but for the case of Jessica Lange, the story is different. Her unlined forehead makes her look 20 years younger. When well done, face lift has the ability to transform a somewhat aged face into a youthful looking and cheerful face. This happens through the use of chemicals that are injected through the surface of the skin. For Jessica, her face looks firm with no trace of sagging skin that is usually visible around the neck and jawline areas.

Botox Operations

It is almost impossible for one to undergo a face lift without considering a Botox operation. In fact these two go hand in hand. Jessica Lange is said to have taken in Botox injections in a bid to get rid of her wrinkles and frown lines. As a mother, Jessica has felt the weight that comes with bearing and upbringing of children. It is not easy for one to juggle between career and family. Just like many celebrities would do, Jessica Lange found it befitting to go undertake Botox operations. Through the help of fillers such as Juvederm, her neck area and much of her face looks firm and wrinkle free. This has contributed in giving her a youthful look.

Jessica Lange plastic surgery before and after

Jessica Lange plastic surgery before and after

Eyelid Surgery

Jessica Lange’s eyes are aging and that is a fact. However when you look at her today, her eyes look far from aging. They appear refreshed, sharp and without the hanging bags of skin that is common with people her age. The eyelid surgery that was done in her served her well in eliminating sagging skin around the eyes. This makes her look young and beautiful.

Overall, Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery is touted to be one of the best. It has brought the best in her at her age. She looks young enough to continue pursuing her career without any fear of losing relevance.

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