Jk Rowling born to a mediocre family in England and it is her novel Harry Potter that raised Jk Rowling net worth high enough to be $1 million.

Harry Potter was a children fantasy novel and it became so popular that the author wrote six more books to continue the series. This novel was translated into 69 languages and 400 million copies were sold all over the world. It has made a world record of the fastest selling book of all times. The novel was also adapted into a Hollywood film that turned into a blockbuster hit.

Rowling was a single mom who came from an ordinary family. She graduated from Exeter University and went to Portugal for a lecturer’s job. She met her future husband Jorge Arantes in Portugal and also married him. Together, they had a daughter but later the couple had a split and she moved to Edinburgh because she has to raise her daughter alone. She had to support to herself and her daughter on welfare; she conceived the idea of her book Harry Potter.

JK Rowling net worth

Once she was traveling to London by train and the concept of the story evolved in her mind. Initially the book was rejected many times, later she was able to sell it for $4000. Hard work of Jk Rowling and Harry Potter brand turned her into UK’s 13th richest woman – richer even more than the queen.

Jk Rowling has recently created her website Pottermore and the account has sent just two tweets, still it has got 80K fans worldwide and the number of fans is on the increase. It seems like people are addicted to the Potter series so much that they just fell in love when they hear something is coming from Potter. Rowling earned one billion Euros from this book alone and it made her the first author to become a billionaire solely on the basis of her writings. 604 million Euros were obtained from the worldwide release of the first film from the Harry Potter series.

Rowling asked for $18 million from Coca Cola because they linked their product with her brand Harry Potter. She had plans to donate this money to the US Reading is Fundamental campaign. India’s environment minister reported that about 30 owl species are at risk because parents are buying more and more owls to give them to their kids who are addicted to the film Harry Potter.

Owls in Harry Potter films

Rowling’s success contributed a lot towards the success of her hero and heroine. The hero Daniel Radcliffe was just 21 years old when he earned 42 million Euros. Emma Watson receives millions of dollars for as a reward of her success in Harry Potter. She asked for ten million euros to act for the film’s two installments in 2009.

Jk Rowling family details and personal profile goes here:

NAME: J.K. Rowling
BIRTH DATE: July 31, 1965 (age 49)
EDUCATION: St Michael’s Primary School in Winterbourne, Wyedean School and College, University of Exeter
PLACE OF BIRTH: Yate, England, United Kingdom
Children: David and Mackenzie with Dr. Neil Murray and Daughter (Jessica) with Jorge Arantes
Husband: Dr. Neil Murray and Jorge Arantes
AKA: Jo Rowling
J.K. Rowling
FULL NAME: Joanne Rowling

J K Rowling's house

J K Rowling’s house

Jk Rowling is reported to be crying over the BBC adaptation of her novel, the Casual Vacancy because to her (as well as to many others), this was probably the worst ever adaptation of the book. Initially, Rowling was delighted to see a live adaptation of the novel and she was feeling obliged to the channel. As soon as the show went on air, the author and her fans were upset because the channel has modified the plot of the novel to an extent that altogether changed its meaning.

Jk Rowling net worth is said to be $1 million and she had proved her capability. She has a habit of revising her own work when it is released so she pays close attention to what her readers adapt, interpret, or conclude from her stories.

You may remember her comments on the Hermione and Harry’s relationship that she gave after the official release of her most acclaimed series Harry Potter. It was not like touching up the pieces of her masterpiece and her judgment carries some weight, no doubt. She has the right to give opinion about her own creation after all she has the copyrights.

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