Looking at Joan Rivers before and after plastic surgery photos will bring you to one conclusion that she is a moving encyclopedia of cosmetic procedures.

Joan Rivers who is in her late seventies have procured a number of cosmetic surgical procedures. According to close analysts, the number of times she has been under the knife is well over 700. This is not surprising if you look at her before and after plastic surgery photos which show a chain of transitions.

Fans say that when you see her today, you may fail to recognize her tomorrow. Everything about her has changed and unfortunately to the worst.

What procedures did Joan Rivers go through?

Well, whenever a topic on cosmetic surgery is mentioned, she appears to be the first to surface. This is because she is the mostly searched named online as far as plastic surgery is concerned. Below are some of the many procedures that she went through.


Her face has changed so many times until a point has reached where those who have been following closely are totally lost.

Joan Rivers plastic surgery gone wrong

Joan Rivers plastic surgery gone wrong

At her age, Joan Rivers still has a smooth face without wrinkles and stress lines. This can only be possible through surgery. The only problem is that the smoothness of the face does not translate into beauty anymore. She is more plastic than she was before she started taking the cosmetic surgeries. Her skin is tight and stretched making her a bit scary and frozen.

Breast Implant

One would wonder why a celebrity her age would want to maintain a fuller bust. If it is about beauty, her case is long gone and now other things have come to bear. However, according to her, beauty is still the top most priority that she is concerned with. In fact she jokingly says to her critics that she is grateful to them for being her fashion police. The flattened breasts have been propped up through implants to give Joan Rivers another chance at youthfulness.

Nose Job

Those people who knew her before say that Joan Rivers had a very beautiful nose. As time elapsed, she went through a number of nose jobs that have completely altered the structure of her nose making it smaller for her facial features.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

Botox Treatment

She agrees that at certain times she had fillers injected into her skin so as to make her look youthful. Whether these fillers succeeded or not are not much of a concern but she looks over stretched and smooth skinned. Because of her age, the Botox treatment looks awful.


Her eyes are very alert and shiny. This has been a result of browlift that she went through so as to have youthful eyes once more. The problem is that she has done so many of them until her eyes look scary and unnatural.


Because of her age, the metabolic processes have slowed down. This has led to accumulation of fats which she cannot flush out through exercise and diet. The only avenue is to procure liposuction. She looks leaner than she was in her before surgery photos.

Joan Rivers plastic surgery is a bad example and the more she does them, the worse she gets.

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