Joey Lawrence hair transplant is one among the few hair transplant operations that are done on a day to day basis. It is usually painful to lose hair especially through a fault in which you are not the cause.

Joey Lawrence has grown in his entire childhood with a full head of long and shaggy hair. As a teenage, he enjoyed these moments just like any other kid would do. Hair loss seems to have caught up with him in his later years leading to a direct opposite effect.

How Prevalent is Hair Loss

Hair loss is not a rare occurrence and it is usually associated with a specific gene that is present in men. A good percentage of men usually suffer from this problem with few of them having the option of a cosmetic procedure. According to Dr. Alan Bauman, Joey Lawrence hair started raising speculations early in his career. It started in a gradual dimension and later on intensified leading to a complete bald head. A receding hairline is usually the first sign of hair loss.

Did Joey Lawrence Go Through Hair Transplant?

Supporters of the foot-balling celebrity have been defensive of the allegation of hair transplant. Many of them have pointed at dietary remedies as the cause of the hair loss reversal. While this could have substance, the degree of the reversal process is what is alarming. Hair plant surgery is the only known procedure that can lead to a quick restoration of lost hair.

Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence source

Looking at his hairline especially from a close range, you are likely to see its sparse and grafty characteristics. This is usually the result of hair transplant. From a distance however, you cannot tell whether he had a transplant or not.

Another sign of the transplant is the straight lines and the frontal peak of his hairline. It looks unnatural further raising suspicions of an artificial procedure. In order to create a more natural appearance, he may have to go through a corrective procedure that can successfully fill the hairline with a wavy and randomized approach.

The bizarre hair directions and the lack of temporal points is another tell tale sign that Joey Lawrence procured hair transplant.

The hairs at the front do not evenly match that at the back. The hair grafts were placed in a perpendicular fashion to the skin. This looks slightly artificial.

Evidence of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Many celebrities more so athletes prefer this type of hair transplant to the traditional strip harvesting. It is less invasive which means that the athletes may not have to go through scalpels, staples or sutures. It does not leave any linear scar making it possible to wear short haircuts similar to those of Joey Lawrence.

According to research data, the number of FUEs has increased significantly. In the words of Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami Surgeon, Joey Lawrence seems to be very active and spends good time taking good care of himself.

Other Supporting Cosmetic Procedures

According to experts and specialists, Joey Lawrence went under the knife for Botox and facials as a way of eliminating wrinkles.

Other than that, the footballer does not appear to have undergone any other surgery.

Joey Lawrence hair transplant was a success and it serves him well.

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