John Forbes Kerry is current United States Secretary of State. His earlier track record as a politician includes serving the United States Senate, serving as the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as well standing against George Bush in the 2004 presidential election for the Democratic Party.

The 69 year old looks to have caught the Hollywood plastic beauty bug. John Kerry plastic surgery allegations have been covered by respectable media houses, including ‘The Washington Post’. Well, when you are holding office at White House those facial feature changes will definitely be noted.

John Kerry is accused of many plastic surgery procedures

No, not just one. John’s sudden as well drastic change in appearance has been suspected to be caused by a combination of Botox Injections, Facelift, Facial Fillers and Nose Job.

The politician was first accused of plastic surgery during the 2004 presidential elections. His sudden smooth and unwrinkled appearance sparked Botox Injections rumors. His campaign denied the rumors upfront. Later in 2012, Kerry appeared with two black eyes and a bruised nose at the white house celebration for the Boston Bruins.

John Kerry plastic surgery before after

John Kerry plastic surgery before and after

He stated that these bruises were a result of a nasty spill while playing hockey with family and friends. We wonder how two ‘identical’ bruises under the eyes can result from a hockey game?

John Kerry’s personal spokesperson, Glen Johnson, also rubbished the John Kerry’s plastic surgery 2012 rumors. He went on to say that it was pretty sad that people are discussing the politician’s physical appearance and not the use of force in Syria.

A detailed analysis of all surgical procedures opted by John Kerry

Professional plastic surgeons and celebrity watchers have observed John’s face and appearance changes very closely. The Insider described the American politician looking like a ‘grotesque freak’ blaming plastic surgery for appearance of pulled forehead, face and under eye area.

Face Lift and Botox Injections: John Kerry used to have crow’s feet, bags under the eyes and a wrinkled forehead in 2004. But in 2012 he appeared to have a smoother and tighter skin, especially around his eyes as well as on his forehead. There was reportedly no movement on his face at all. These changes can be attributed to facelifts and Botox Injections.

John Kerry plastic surgery

Chin Implants: Kerry in his addresses to the audience at the DNC also seemed to have some speech defects with his “s” and “sh” sounds. His mouth also looks strange and irregular breathlessness is also apparent in his dialogue. It is suspected that his jaw was surgically moved forward to strengthen his chin.

Nose Job: This has been the least talked about but some plastic surgeons also suspect that John has undergone Rhinoplasty as his nose now appears more even.

John Kerry

The modifications are so obvious on John Kerry’s face, that we can conclude he has gone under the knife opting for more than one surgery. What is really disheartening is to see someone like John Kerry, who is in such a high position of authority and holds such great stature, opted for plastic surgeries. Why can’t the celebrities and public personalities accept the reality and age gracefully? Let us know your take.

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