Johnny Depp’s Net worth is among the top of Hollywood stars at an incredible $350 million. He is known as one of the most unique actors especially after his Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Sources close to him says that he receives a good $20 million per film! Whoa, I now want to be an actor! The movies in which he had appeared gained a whopping $3 billion in the states and another $7 billion worldwide.

It does not take a great education for you to be successful as Johnny was a high school dropout. He always had been passionate about music and especially after his mother bought him a guitar, he dropped out to pursue his musical career. He has played with small bands like The Kids who later changed their name to Six Gun Method but split up before they could sign a record deal. Johnny did not give up at that point as he went on to collaborate with the rock band Rock City Angels co-writing in their hit song Mary.

Johnny Depp net worth

Johnny was formerly married to the mark-up artist Lori Allison who introduced him to the star Nicholas Cage that kick started his acting career. He started out on a lead role in the Fox’s hits series 21 Jump street and was a successful teen sensation, earning him a dime or two. He has gone ahead and featured in several hit films such as The Rum Diary, Ed Wood, and Don Juan DeMarco among many more. For these he was worn numerous awards and accolades including the prestigious Golden Globe and Academy Award for the Best Actor in that year. His Cinema success contributed a great deal to his financial success and overall net worth.

His best Hollywood collaborations were with producer and director Tim Burton in the film Edward Scissor hands that was a massive hit internationally, seeing an overall increase in his net worth. After this great success, they continued to work together on other great films such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Sleepy Hollow the movie. The collaboration handsomely paid off grossing for the two partners millions of dollars worldwide!

Johnny Depp then and now

Johnny Depp then and now

Johnny works hard and plays hard, he treats himself to the finer things in life while sparing no expenses for his sexy fiancé Vanessa Paradis, a French singer and actress. He has a things for well grown wine and is rumored to have given Vanessa a whole vineyard as a gift for an album success.

Johnny Depp's yacht

Johnny Depp’s yacht

The actor also owns a huge 56 feet yacht that stays in his 150 year old Somerset mansion. This exquisite home was bought for roughly $3 million which is nothing given there is more where that came from. The name of this Mega Yacht is Vajoliroja.

Johnny and Vanessa on vajoliro

Johnny and Vanessa on vajoliro

Mega Yacht Vajoliro’s interior:

Vajoliroja Yacht inside

Vajoliroja Yacht interior

Vajoliroja Yacht

Mega Yacht Vajoliro’s exterior:

Yacht front view

Vajoliroja yacht exterior

Johnny Depp never really gave up on his musical career as he recently purchased a classy pub in Los Angeles called the Viper Room to keep his Musial dreams alive.

Johnny is viewed as one of the most popular and biggest international movie stars. He has gained international recognition for the various roles that he plays with his movies grossing billions of dollars.

His most successful movies have been the hit trilogy of Pirates of the Caribbean at $3 billion, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at $474 million, Alice in Wonderland at $1 billion and The Tourist that got over $270 million worldwide!

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