Julia Louis Dreyfus plastic surgery has been isolated as the reason behind her gorgeous looks even at her current age. Just like any other celebrity, she is fighting the effects of aging. When a celebrity turns 50, concerns start to emerge about their looks and how they can manage the stage considering that younger celebrities are coming up who are more beautiful than they are.

Combined with this, is the aspect of fans expectations. In as much as fans may be cheering the celebrities up, not all of them are loyal enough to stay with them through to their old age. Some of these fans have in their mind that celebrities do not age and so they should remain young forever.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus could have fallen into such expectations and forced her way into procuring cosmetic procedures just to be in shape for her career and her fans. There are things that people expect when a person turns 50 and beyond. These things have everything to do with aging and the frailty of the body. When these aspects become absent, there are more questions than answers that are being leveled. Such is the case with Julia Louis Dreyfus.

Julia Louis Dreyfus plastic surgery before and after

Julia Louis Dreyfus plastic surgery before and after

What Cosmetic Procedures Did She Procure?

Based on her appearance, there are things that strike you and look a bit unnatural. This has been the source of rumors that she went through the following operations:


This is a surgical procedure done to the nasal organ. Mostly, it is done to reduce and bring the nose in shape with the other facial features. It is common to find a celebrity dissatisfied with how they look as far as their nose structures are concerned. Some consider it too big and out of proportion with the other features. This could have been the same concern that drove Julia Louis-Dreyfus into cosmetic surgery.

Looking at her before and after photos, you can see clearly the transformation in the nasal structure. Looking at the nostrils, you can see how narrow they are compared to their previous form. Also, the tip of the nose appears sharper and refined, a feature that doesn’t come through exercise or diet. The bridge looks a bit artificial, a sign that the celebrity could have gone under the knife.

Julia Louis Dreyfus plastic surgery

Julia Louis Dreyfus plastic surgery

Botox Injection

This cosmetic procedure is one of the most common among celebrities. It seems that no one want to have wrinkles or loose skin. To help them keep their youthful looks and get rid of stress lines and frown lines, celebrities have opted for a Botox using chemicals such as Restylane and Juvederm. Looking beautiful and gorgeous at the age that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is, cannot be the result of diet and exercise but rather a chemical injection.

Youthful looks guarantee an extended career life and a little more time on stage. This is what celebrities do not want to miss out on. They would rather pay the money and take the risk through the surgeon’s hand other than aging gracefully.

Whether Julia Louis-Dreyfus went through these surgeries or not, the fact remains that she looks more youthful and beautiful. In fact, Julia Louis Dreyfus plastic surgery is an example of those that have gone well.

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