Julie Benz plastic surgery has definitely sparked a new round of discussions and talks around her looks, age and almost everything about her.

The 42 year old may not have been famous because of where she was born in Pennsylvania but rather known for the role she played in the Vampire Slayer. The awards that the star won also projected her figure into public forums.

In 2006 she won the Satellite Award while in 2009, she clinched the Saturn Award for the Best Supporting Actress. Recently however all that seems to have been forgotten and the focus has been on her appearance and the change she has had in her looks.

Did Julie Benz Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Well, this is the big question that people have been asking all over. Looking at her photos before and after, there is a definite change in her looks and general appearance. The changes according to experts, celebrity watches and pundits can only be attributed to cosmetic procedures. No form of workout or diet can possibly make one regain a lost youthful look especially at the age of 42.

Julie Benz plastic surgery before after

Julie Benz plastic surgery before after

What plastic surgeries did Julie Benz Procure?

The fact that she had plastic surgical procedures is not a point of argument now but rather the type of cosmetic procedures. Looking at her photos and past appearances in movies and theatre screens, one can get a hint of the kind of process that she might have undergone.

Facial fillers

No magic whatsoever can make a face fuller, fleshy and smooth at the age of 42. Experts argue that this can only be done through facial fillers that are injected to make the facial features smooth and lively.

Breast Augmentation

Julie Benz breast implants before and after

Julie Benz breast implants before and after

Looking at her boobs, you would notice that they are bigger and rounder compared to how they were before; this points towards a boob job. It is the pleasure of every lady especially celebrities to have a full bust and even if it means facing the surgeon’s knife, as long as it works, then its welcome.

Lip Injection

It is very unlikely that a cosmetic procedure will work on the face and leave out the lips. However, the basis for this assumption is the fuller lips that the celebrity has. Compared to her previous looks and even her age mates, her lips appear plumper. There is a possibility that restylane or juvederm could have been injected into them.


Her forehead appears revived and has gained a more youthful look. It is also wrinkle free and smooth. This can be the result of a Botox operation.

The surgery has arguably made the star look more beautiful and boosted her confidence.

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