Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery rumors are not going to die any time soon. The Bollywood actress made her acting debut in a film called Gangster. For her role in this film, she received an award for her stellar performance. At a young age Kangana had her sights set on pursuing a career in medicine.

However, she failed a chemistry unit test and this somehow caused her to consider other career prospects. Ranaut’s parents were disappointed in her decision not to pursue medicine and a strained relationship ensued. There have been several rumors circulating that Kangana has had some plastic surgery done. The actress however vehemently denies all the allegations.

To her fans, the actress’ face has morphed from an innocent beauty to a “celebrity type face“.

Kangana Ranaut Plastic Surgery Lips

Kangana’s features did not change overnight. The changes to her appearance though not subtle were gradual. The first rumor that surfaced about Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery was regarding her lips. The actress now has fuller poutier lips which is a vast difference from how her lips looked six years earlier.

Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery before and after

Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery before and after

The actress was pictured sporting a new pout. She denies having any work done to enhance her lips but even if she was stung by a bee or she had an allergic reaction, that very noticeable pout would certainly have disappeared by now. Fans of the actress however think that she looks more beautiful with the new Angelina Jolie pout.

Kangana Ranaut Plastic Surgery Face

When Kangana first landed on the scene, she had chubby cheeks. Fast forward a few years later and the actress’ facial features have changed drastically. Kangana now has higher cheeks that clearly appear even smoother. Even her jaw line seems more defined. Despite the glaring differences in her facial structure, Ranaut continues to deny that she has had plastic surgery done on her face. In fact, she attributes the changes to her physical features to weight gain.

Breasts Surgery?

One of the most prominent rumors circulating is that the actress has had breast augmentation done. Before and after Ranaut plastic surgery pictures shows the actress in 2006 as an almost flat-chested girl but a picture taken 6 years later shows Kangana showcasing rounder, fuller breasts in a figure flattering, strapless, white gown with a plunging, sweet heart neckline.

Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery photo

Evidence of Kangana Ranaut’s plastic surgery via Dailymail.co.uk

Kangana is amused by all the rumors that she has had plastic surgery. She said it is silly that people think that she has gone under the knife. The actress still maintains her story that the change in her physical features is due to weight gain. In fact, she added that she was tired of being skinny and she just wants to be different.

So, do you think that Kangana is telling the truth? Could weight gain really be responsible for her new features, or does she think we are all idiots? If Kangana is really telling the truth, then those of us that are trying to lose weight should stop. Instead try to gain a few extra pounds in an effort to achieve poutier lips, a more defined face and fuller, rounder breasts? Are you up for the challenge?

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