Kat von Drachenberg, better known as Kat Von D has been widely known for her work as a tattoo artist on the TV Show LA Ink. Her fame has led to Kat Von D Plastic Surgery photos doing rounds on the internet. How true are they?

Kat had her first tattoo at the age of 14. She even holds the Guinness Book of World Record for most number of Tattoos by a single person in 24 hours. This is suggestive of how accustomed Kat Von D is with alterations on her body. But the rumour mills state that Kate, who is only 32, has gone under the knife.

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Details

Amongst the most speculated regions where Kate appears to have got work done include the eyebrows and nose. Around 2010 reports surfaced suggesting that Kate’s eyebrows appear lifted and her nose slimmer. Breast Augmentation, Chin injections, Lip injections and Botox have also been suspected by some surgeons after comparing Kate Von D’s before and after surgery photos. Let us delve into more details and find out if these rumors are true.

Kat Von D plastic surgery before and after

Kat Von D plastic surgery before and after

Eyebrow Surgery and Nose Job

Brows from the corners of Kate’s eyes appear lifted. There appears to be more space between her eyes and the brows now. The brow looks tighter as well now. This can be attributed even to her growing age, makeup, camera works or photo editing softwares. But an eyebrow surgery is probably the most correct estimate.

Kat has also been speculated to have gone for Rhinoplasty. Her nose used to be piggy with a little wide nasal bridge (for her face) before. Her after photos reveal a more aquiline nose, indicating that Kate has gone for nose jobs. Natural growing up cannot account for such proportional changes on her face: Kate’s nose now looks much smaller than the rest of her face.

Breast implants consultation

There is a video on YouTube evidencing Kate Von D has gone for at least one breast augmentation consultation. In the video the surgeon endorses Kate as being a good candidate for breast augmentation.

But the real question remains, did she go for a breast implant?

Kat Von D breast implants before and after

Kat Von D breast implants before and after

Kate Von D before and after surgery photos reveal that from flat-chested the tattoo artist has now transformed to sporting bigger, rounder and more protruding breasts. We don’t have any proof besides suggestive pictures though.

Chin injections, Lip injections and Botox

Kate’s chin appears thinner and her face longer. In between the chin and the lower lip we can also make out a unique dimpling. This is suggestive of a possible Chin Augmentation being performed.

Kat Von D plastic surgery lips, is one of the most sought after debate on the internet. The irregularities on her upper lip are noticeable and hint of a lip implant.

Kat Von D

Kate’s forehead appears shiny, smooth and more toned when you have a look at Kate Von D Surgery before and after photos. These are suggestive of Botox injections.

Kat Von has professionally been recognized as a tattoo artist, although she is also a well-known musician, model and a television actress. Whether Kate has gone under the knife or is her artistic makeup skills at play? Let us know what you think!

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