Kate Gosselin plastic surgery was life changing. The mother of 8 still looks glamorous and stunning at her age. Kate is said to have undergone several cosmetic procedures that changed her figure. She is so young, beautiful and attractive at her age something that could only be possible through surgical procedures.

There is a possibility that Kate Gosselin went through surgical procedures in the hands of a very competent and skilled surgeon. The celebrity has dismissed the allegations about her plastic surgery and instead claimed that she has no thirst for unnatural looks and would prefer to age gracefully. Irrespective of her denial, the writings are on the wall about her cosmetic operations looking at her before and after photos. But it is understandable that being in showbiz, one cannot afford to stay unattractive with sagging skin and wrinkles. Now the questions many continue to ask is, did Kate Gosselin procure plastic surgery?

Breast Augmentation

Kate’s breasts are more perfect in shape and size than they were before. Most women celebrities are not contented with the looks of their breasts.

Kate Gosselin breast implants before after

Kate Gosselin breast implants before after

They are willing to go to any extent in order to modify their bust so that it can blend well with the rest of the body. From the recent photos of the celebrity, her boobs are well sized and well shaped attributes that have made her fans and critics to conclude that she must have procured breast implants.


Looking at Kate Gosselin stomach, you would be mistaken to think that she is still in her thirties. Even after giving birth to 8 children, her tummy is devoid of fat. This has been attributed to liposuction which is the process that fat which would have otherwise accumulated at your belly is carefully removed. Kate Gosselin has a flat tummy and a perfect figure which she attributes to exercise and good diet but there is nothing else that can be far from the truth.

Botox Injections

Looking at Kate Gosselin, frown lines and wrinkles are absent. The skin is so toned and refined for a person her age. Botox treatment when done perfectly can help you to reinvent your youthful looks but when overdone, it can be ugly. For the case of Kate Gosselin, the Botox treatment was done in a very professional and clinical way.

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery procedures

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery procedures


A nose job is a cosmetic procedure that is usually carried out due to the desire of having a nose that matches well with the rest of the facial features. Looking at her past and current photos, you can tell that Kate Gosselin went through the surgical knife for a nose job. Her nose is narrower and smaller now than it was. The tip of her nose also looks sharper and more refined. The bridge of her nose also shows some slight alternations to make it fit perfectly.

Eyelid Surgery

Despite that Kate Gosselin is aging, when you look at her eyes there is no sign of aging. Her eyes appear refreshed, bright and sharp. It is also interesting to note that there are no hanging bags around her eyes which are usually common with people her age. The eyelid surgery served her well in getting rid of sagging skin around the eyes.

All in all, Kate Gosselin plastic surgery was a success and worked towards enhancing her looks. Kate now looks more appealing, young and elegant.

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