Kathryn Morris plastic surgery has changed her looks significantly. In her 40s, she looks quite youthful and fresh. The celebrity is a popular actress best known for the role she played in Cold Case. Very few people can deny the beautiful face and body that she has. She is in fact one of the few actresses who has such natural and perfect looks. Some people fail to understand why she still had to go through the surgeon’s scalpel even with such amazing beauty. The rumors about her plastic surgery came about as a result of her slight change in appearance.

Surgeons, critics and fans share the same sentiments that the celebrity’s change in appearance may prove to be difficult to detect. At times she looks very natural while at times she looks a little bit fake and plastic. Depending on how keen you are, you may not be able to realize these two sides of her.

The body parts that show some slight changes are the lips and the face. In fact the rumors and arguments are around these two areas. She is said to have undergone some minor surgical procedures. Looking at both her old and recent pictures, there seems to be a difference in her looks.

Kathryn Morris

Kathryn Morris

Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Procedures:

Lip and Facial Fillers

This is the first suspicion that has made heads to roll in the cosmetic industry and the entertainment arena. It is said that her lips look juicy and fleshy something not quite right especially comparing her age and her previous photos. Some people have attributed this to the lipstick that she apparently wears. This is however not a story that can be trusted. Many people find it easier to believe that she had lip fillers injected to both her lower and upper lips.

Her face too especially the cheeks look a bit full and fresh. It is definite that in her mid forties, the celebrity could be more worried about her age and her general appearance.

Kathryn Morris plastic surgery

Kathryn Morris plastic surgery

Botox Injections

Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery is also suspected to have incorporated Botox cosmetic procedures. The absence of wrinkles on her forehead and the lines, point more to a surgical procedure than a mere natural youthful look.

Pundits have lauded her cosmetic surgery procedure as having been successful and enhancing to her looks. However cosmetologists also warn that the celebrity should know exactly when to quit using the injections because a slight mistake may see her distort everything about her looks.

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