Coming well in her forties, Kathy Griffin plastic surgery has helped her age gracefully.

Kathy Griffin is a comedian who has starred in several shows and she has made a name for herself. She has been upbeat about surgery and at one time she said that she wanted to be like Jennifer Aniston. She has tried through several procedures to reverse her effects of aging and at her forties, her age looks indeterminate.

Why she went through surgery

Comedy just like other art careers need youthful and attractive cast. At one time, she said that if you don’t get the nip and the tuck, you will end up looking like a grandmother while the rest of the cast look younger and fresh. This could have been the reason as to why she pushed for several cosmetic procedures.

Nose Job

This is one of the operations that Kathy Griffin underwent. She did it so as to structure her nose in order to look attractive. It now looks narrower with a wide base. The tip of the nose is refined in such a way that shows it is unnatural.

Kathy Griffin plastic surgery before after

Kathy Griffin plastic surgery before after

These operations are common amongst celebrities as many of them would like to take control of how the nose fits with the rest of the face. Kathy Griffin’s nostrils also appear even and slightly altered.

Botox Injections

Looking at the structure of the skin, Kathy Griffin appears a bit plastic and youthful. Her skin is overstretched and too smooth. This is the result of the chemicals that are injected into the skin so as to give it a supple appearance. The injection of these chemicals however needs to be taken carefully so that they do not spoil the appearance of the skin. Many people have had their skins damaged as a result of this.

Brow Lift

Kathy Griffin plastic surgery liposuction


Kathy Griffin decided to go for an all inclusive surgical procedures which included the lifting of her brows thereby making the eyes alert and lively.

At her age, the eyes usually start to become lazy and the eyelids swollen. However, she has defied it all and her eyes are sharper compared to her age mates.

Dental Implants

Everyone desires whiter and shining teeth. For some reason, this is not possible because of the chemical processes in our mouth that cause discoloration. This was the same problem that made Kathy Griffin to go for dental implants. She got veneers fixed by an expert surgeon making her appearance great.


Following accumulation of fats on her belly, thighs and waist, the celebrity decided to go for liposuction so as to flush out the excess fat. This could have been of course done through diet and exercise but she choose the easier way of getting it done.

Liposuction usually targets the areas that have fat accumulation prevalence and helps in removing it.


Kathy Griffin plastic surgery may have attracted a lot of attention from fans and critics but the comedian has received it well. While some people say it was not well done, a majority are of the opinion that it succeeded in giving the comedian a lifeline.

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