Katy Perry plastic surgery is virtually non-existent. Katie was born On October 25, 1984 and grew up in a Christian home in California. In fact, both her parents are pastors. She started her career singing gospel and released her first album in 2001 which was unsuccessful. It wasn’t until 2007 before the singing sensation rose to fame in the music arena with the hit single, “I Kissed a Girl”. From then on, Katy made her presence known with the release of several singles that have made it on the Billboard top 100

At Age 29, the singer has graced the covers of many prominent magazines and is seen as a major se## icon. Although fans and media personalities alike suspect the singer to have undergone surgery, the singer strongly denied having plastic surgery on any area of her body. Despite, this revelation, many still find it hard to believe that her breasts are real, owing to her slim frame.

Katy attributes her large boobs to answered prayers. She said that when she was 11 years old she asked God to give her boobs so large that she wouldn’t struggle to see her feet while lying down. Although Katie got what she prayed for, her large boobs became a source of discomfort two years later at the age of 13. She then wanted to have breast reduction surgery because she was encountering consistent back pain.

Katy Perry plastic surgery photo

Katy Perry plastic surgery photo

One of the reasons why critics believe that the singer got a boob job is because she is regularly seen wearing strapless tops. However, the singer’s supporters say that her large breasts are supported by the bustier attire that she wears. Dr. Jennifer Walden who is a plastic surgeon said that Katy’s breast seem perfectly normal after watching several YouTube videos of the singer.

There are several Katie Perry plastic surgery before and after pictures have surfacing in the media in which the singer’s face seems to have undergone some amount of transformation. The photos confirm that Katie is now more attractive than she was during her teen years.

Katie Perry

Katy Perry

Despite this, Dr. Michael Salzhauer plastic surgeon in Miami says that Katie’s face seems ordinary enough and there’s nothing to indicate that the songstress had any work done on her face. Dr. Salzhauer’s assessment was confirmed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, who said make-up strokes can hide the singer’s real face as she is still fairly young.

Some fans are also of the belief that the singer has had a nose job too. There have been several comments that the singer’s nose bridge appears thinner than usual.

However, suspicions were refuted by makeup experts and professional photographers who attribute the appearance of Perry’s nose to the different angles that the pictures are taken.

It is quite understandable why there are so many rumours about Katy Perry plastic surgery. The before and after pictures of the star can create some doubt in the mind as to her authenticity. However, Katy Perry has a body that many women only dream of and has she is still only 29, any plastic surgery may well be a few years away.

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