Keira Knightley plastic surgery rumors have an interesting twist in the late twenties. While the celebrity has remained positive about taking on plastic surgery, there is scanty evidence of her ever having taken the surgeon’s knife. Much of her story as far as plastic surgery is concerned, is dotted with wishes and aspirations. Fans around the celebrity have been carefully observing her looks both past and current to try and see if there are any signs of plastic surgery.

Critics have unearthed some very crucial information which could lead to very interesting revelations about her.

What are the possible surgeries that Keira could have undergone?


Looking at her nose; it shape, structure and form reveals some tendencies of Rhinoplasty. First of all, in her before photos, her nose looked a little bit wider for her face. This is something that may not have gone well with the celebrity making her procure a nose job. Her nose appear refined, the tip is smaller and sharper than it was before. You however need to look closely at her images if you are to discover this. The plastic surgeon must have done his work really well.

Keira Knightley plastic surgery before after

Keira Knightley plastic surgery before after

Lip Augmentation

Even though she is young and her lips are bound to be luscious and fleshy, there is a limit to that. Those who have examined her closely have discovered that her lips are very full and extra sexy. This is a slight change from the way she looked before. Usually lip augmentation makes use of fillers such as Juvederm to make the lips full and vibrant. Her upper lip especially looks much altered pointing to the possibility of a lip implant.

Whatever the case, two factors come into play; the natural youthfulness of Keira and the technology used by the experts. These two combine well to disguise any signs of surgical procedures.

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery – Her Personal Preferences

Keira Knightley plastic surgery procedures

Keira Knightley plastic surgery procedures

Keira Knightley has had personal preferences as far as plastic surgery is concerned. She has not had any reservations whatsoever and she speaks out boldly about the issue of plastic surgery. Some of her future considerations as far as cosmetic surgical procedures are concerned, are the following:

Breast Augmentation

Way back in 2006, the celebrity revealed during an interview that she will not mind having breast augmentation. Up until now, there have been no signs of any breast implant.

Her bust is still the same size it was and in case of any increase, it is due to normal body processes. This doesn’t however rule out the fact that the celebrity may have breast implants in future.

Botox and Face Lifts

In addition to the breast implants, Keira Knightley has also shown tendencies towards Botox and face lifts. Even though she has not as yet undergone these processes, as age catches up with her there is a high likelihood that she will procure surgical procedures to enhance her looks.

At one time, she said that her good looks will not last forever and therefore she would not hesitate to result to Botox treatment and face lifts.

Keira Knightley plastic surgery seems to have been a success. It looks natural and many people would hardly notice whether the celebrity underwent any cosmetic operation.

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