Kenny Rogers plastic surgery may not have been the first among country musicians but it had a sensation of its own. The famous singer-songwriter rose to prominence following the release of his songs most of which have been hitting the charts. He is among many celebrities who have gone under the knife to rectify their looks.

Being in the limelight comes with its own cost including the need to stay young and relevant. In pursuit of this, many celebrities have resorted to cosmetic surgeries and other plastic initiatives. Despite his age, Kenny Rogers felt the pressure to also go through the same so as to stay in touch with the industry trends.

His surgical procedure has attracted the attention of the media and aroused the enthusiasm of his fans. Regarding their views on the surgery, many reporters have carved their own versions. On his personal take, the celebrity accepts to having procured several procedures aimed at reinventing his youthful life.

The cosmetic procedures that Kenny Rogers underwent-

Botox Injections

To get rid of the wrinkles that had characterized his face, Kenny Rogers decided to go through Botox treatment. In his before and after photos, one can clearly see that there is some difference in appearance.

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery before and after

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery before and after

Comparing him with his age mates, there is a clear line of distinction on how he looks. Botox usually makes use of chemicals such as Juvederm and Restylane to get rid of wrinkles, laugh lines and frown lines. To many, this is the perfect way to turn back the hands of time.


Looking at his face, you can be mistaken to think that Kenny Rogers is still in his mind thirties. His face is shiny and smooth. He also looks livelier compared to his age. This could be the result of facials that work towards making the face tender and full of life. Many celebrities who go through this operation are usually concerned with how they look and therefore the need to alter their appearance.

Eyelid Surgery

The area around his eyes look smooth and devoid of the eye bags that everyone would have expected to see. Eyelid surgery is usually done around the eyes both on the lower and upper eyelids. This results into sharper looking eyes with a youthful sense of appearance. Gossip columnists say that Kenny went through this procedure as a way of maintaining his appearance and to get rid of the swellings on the eyes.

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers

Not very many celebrities have the courage to come into the open following such procedures. Kenny Rogers is considered the brave one because of his open admission that he went through cosmetic procedures so as to enhance his looks. According to his fans and the audience at large, he looks enviable and admirable.

It is said that the major element of pressure that Kenny presumably faced which made him to go under the knife was the age difference between him and the wife. Being 20 years younger, the wife had more youthful looks than Kenny. Overall, Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery was a success.

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