Kim Delaney plastic surgery has raised questions amongst her followers and critics in the same measure.

Her change in appearance has definitely raised public eyebrows with many of them concluding that it is one of the cases of unsuccessful surgical procedures. She is a public figure best known for her roles on NYPD Blue and All My Children both of which ran on ABC.

Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery Rumors

There is a general tendency for celebrities to resort to the surgical scalpel mostly due to the pressure they face in their careers. Everyone battles to stay on top of the chart and this means so much for them even if they are to undergo surgical procedures. Kim Delaney is also suspected to have gone through the same procedures. She has been always a person who tries to fight back aging and its effects just to remain vibrant for the stage cameras.

Kim Delaney

Kim Delaney

What cosmetic surgical procedures could she have gone through?

Looking at her before and after photos, there are some things that look changed and a bit unnatural.

Lip Injection

Looking at both her lower and upper lips, you would definitely sense something amiss. Although she has not yet accepted and made public of these allegations, pundits have noted the fuller size of her lips and concluded that there is a high chance she has undergone some surgical work. It is suspected to be the effects of collagen although these suspicions are yet to be confirmed. Whatever the case, the lips were not well done they look a bit embarrassing and quite bad. They point to a case of miscalculations and overdoses.

Kim Delaney plastic surgery before & after

Kim Delaney plastic surgery before & after

According to cosmetic surgery authorities and fashion stylists, her lips were enhanced to the extremes. They unnaturally curl back and look somewhat funny on her.

Such overdone lips are at times known as “duck mouth” and they have the potential of spoiling an actor’s or actress’s form in the entertainment industry. Her use of plastic surgery has left many of her fans to questions whether it was really necessary.


After consideration of a majority of the views, it can be ascertained that Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery was done in a manner that did not befit her and instead of making her attractive, it made her an attraction. The media has also played a role of its own in bringing out just how badly the lip work was done.

Even if the rumors are just a mere speculation, the bottom line is that the plastic surgery did not go well and the results are out there for everyone to see.

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