Kim Kardashian plastic surgery has not gone well with the celebrity. She has always thrown tantrums on social media and tabloids. She claims that the surgery rumors are not true and are eating her up. The reality however is that she is concerned about her appearance and at one time she went for a laser surgery to remove stretch marks that were evident on her breasts.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye Went, fiancée is not the first one to deny rumors of plastic surgery even the reality is in the open. She comes out furious probably because it did not work out well and she feels guilty.

Kim Kardashian claims that the reason she lost 50 pounds of weight was because of a rigorous work out regime and not surgical procedures. She also says that she has invested in a low-carb diet that helps her lose weight even further. Though many people may oppose her story but as far as she is concerned, that is her side of the truth.

However, looking at kim kardashian before and after plastic surgery photos, there appears to be a total change of appearance and structure. She looks slightly thinner, her butts bigger and her bust size slightly overboard. This has made pundits and critics to conclude the following concerning her cosmetic surgery story.

Kim kardashian plastic surgery before and after

Kim kardashian plastic surgery before and after

Breast Implant

This is the first thing you see when you look at Kim Kardashian either on her photos after surgery or her stage performances. She has a big bust often considered bigger than what she had desired. Many people say that the operation did not go well. If she was looking for the rounder Hollywood-like breasts then she missed it. She has not expressed any concern about it but she does not look comfortable either.

Nose Job

This is a practice that Kim Kardashian has openly denied even though signs show that she went through the process. Looking at her nose today, it looks narrow and refined just the way she wanted. However, there still exists a mismatch between the nasal structure and the rest of the facial features. There is no exercise or diet that can change the shape of the nose other than Rhinoplasty.

Kim Kardashian nose job before and after

Kim Kardashian nose job before and after

Botox Treatment

Surprisingly the celebrity agrees to this and says that at one point she had to procure Botox injections so as to fight off signs of aging on her skin. Looking at her today, her skin is smooth and very tight. This makes her look a bit artificial.


This is the first thing that you see when you look at Kim Kardashian. Her face is changed in an unpleasant way. Whoever worked on it does not seem to be knowledgeable enough because it looks frozen and unnatural.


Losing 50 pounds of weight is not an easy thing even in a gym. For her to claim that she is working hard does not exempt her from the fact that she could have had her belly and thigh fat removed surgically.

Did Kim Kardashian have buttock implants too?

Well, check out the below picture and decide yourself 🙂

Kim Kardhasian buttock implants photos

Kim Kardhasian buttock implants photos


Whether she accepts or not, Kim Kardashian plastic surgery was not the best option and in case it was, it was done badly.

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