Kim Richards net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Following in her elder sister’s footsteps, she too was a child star or should I say a toddler star as she first appeared on a diaper ad at the tender age of just four years.

Say hello to dollar signs at that young age! I am officially jealous. Her wealth gaining did not stop there as she continued to be featured in Hollywood flicks and series such as Nanny and the professor, Escape to Witch Mountain and its sequel Return to witch Mountain.

She was also severally cast alongside her dazzling sister- Kyle Richards in movies like the horror film The Car and Little House on the Prairie. Her wealth is not only limited to those few movies but she continued to feature in even many more.

Kim rather landed the jackpot by marrying a Supermarket Franchise heir- Monty Brinson. Although Monty is currently Playing Poker professionally, he really did ensure a good start of her life. And just like many celebrities, the couple divorced sooner after with only one child together. Her luck did not end there, soon after she landed the Oil Tycoon heir Gregg Davis as her second husband.

Kim Richard's ex husband Monty Brinson

Kim Richard’s ex husband Monty Brinson

Seems her stars were really aligned the right way to hit it big twice! They had two children together but also divorced in early 1991. This super rich husbands and ex-husbands to Kim contributed a great deal to her Net worth and lavish living. As if all those were not enough she was also dating John J. Collet, a rich commodity salesman who was involved in a huge scam scandal that possibly led to his assassination.

She was also born into a good family, being the half-sister to the famous Kathy Hilton and Niece to Kim Kardashian’s mentor and socialite, Paris Hilton. There have been rumors that Kim may have struggled with a drug problem, though only admitted to having an alcohol problem on her reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she stars alongside her sister Kyle. Unlike most rich stars who just keep blowing their money on their addictions, Kim sought help for her alcohol problem and has checked into rehab twice.

Kim Richards net worth

In addition to her film and family money, her appearance on the reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills earns her about $100,000 per episode. Not bad right? There had whispers that Kim was also getting some monthly allowance from her super rich brother-in-law Mauricio, though I highly doubt if the tap is still open now that she has her own gig going on.

There also have been speculations that the producers of the reality show were considering chucking her from the cast sighting she is becoming a little bit ‘boring’.

Kim Richards then and now

Kim Richards then and now

Her sister really did stand up for her threatening to leave if they cut her sister. Since Kyle is among the top stars I doubt if the producers will be able to go on with the plan, get your act together Kimmy!

We are really hoping that Kim has some good investments somewhere just in case reality TV does not really work out for her. Counting her television money and a handsome divorce settlement that guarantees her of about $23000 per month, we can see Kim Richards is doing pretty well for herself!

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