People received the news of Kris Jenner plastic surgery with mixed reaction.

Kris Jenner was born on November 1955 in California and she was born as Kristen Mary Houghton. She was formerly married to OJ Simpson defense lawyer Robert Kardashian. She is presently married to Bruce Jenner, she is not known for her husband, although the man is a Gold medal Olympian.

Kris Jenner is known for her daughters who are celebrities namely; Kim, Kourtney Kardashian and Khole. Kris is the owner and co-operator of the children’s clothing store known as Smooch.

Is the rumor about Kris Jenner plastic surgery real?

The media has been speculating about this topic for a long time. So did she do it or not? If it is true, did she really need it?

Kris Jenner plastic surgery before and after

Kris Jenner plastic surgery before and after

She is fifty five and looks elegant. Nevertheless, all these allegations remained mere speculations, until when she recently admitted on a television show known as EXTRA, that she indeed had a cosmetic procedure earlier this year in order to look good for her daughter’s upcoming wedding sometime in august. During the reality show that she had featured in, she allowed the cameras to follow her through parts of the surgical procedure that included before and in the recovery room.

Her pictures are all over there in the internet for people to see her before and after the surgery. Her procedure, is commonly referred to as a mini-facelift, did not produce any side effect as witnessed with other celebrity plastic surgery before and after photos, and that was her number one goal.

Kris Jenner's breast implants photo

Kris Jenner’s breast implants photo

Recently, her younger sister Karen Houghton revealed more interesting things about Kris Jenner plastic surgery; she claimed that Kris has spent up to one million dollars over different surgical procedures. Jenner’s sister said that, she was ready to go any length to stop wrinkles from appearing on her face.

Kris claims that, she only had a mini- facelift, on her neck and the area around her eyes, and this surgery did not bring any significant changes in her before and after pictures. Mini-facelifts can sometimes be referred to as “weekend face lifts” due to the less healing time and the procedure in itself is based on the face as a whole.

In the case of Jenner, she majorly focused on her neck and crow’s feet. The mini face lift is not hectic as it requires minimal anesthesia, uses smaller incisions and has significantly much less healing time. And on top of that, the procedure costs less.

You will have to admit that the lady has openly discussed her plastic surgeries without any fear. To add on that, she had also passed two breast augmentation surgeries. She even once stated that, every woman requires breast implants after every two decades. She is also a great fan of Botox and liposuction and alongside that, it is said she underwent rhinoplasty.

Kris Jenner plastic surgery enhanced her beauty and she looks great for her age. She is a very busy woman and deserves to treat herself once in a while. Many celebrities want to hide their plastic surgeries, but Kris was brave enough and spoke about it publicly. It is now CONFIRMED that Kris Jenner plastic surgery is true.

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