It is difficult for an outsider to break into the US television scene and get recognition. Well, Kym Johnson did it through her venture into the TV Show Dancing with the Stars, but soon enough Kym Johnson plastic surgery suspicions started to surface. Let us find out more about this ball dancer and her plastic surgery allegations.

Kym Johnson was born in Sydney, Australia on 4 August, 1937. She picked up ballroom dancing at the age of 13 after already beginning dancing at the tender age of 3. She quit competitive ballroom dancing in 2001 but then forayed into the television ballroom dancing competition “Dancing with the stars” in Australia.

After participating in 3 successful seasons of Dancing with the Stars in Australia (as well as winning the second season), Kym Johnson made an appearance on the US version of Dancing with the Stars on its Season 3 in 2006. From the 3rd season Kym has participated in all the television show season until its 16th. She won the 9th season with Donny Osmond. She is the only dance professional who has won the title in two different countries. Besides being a professional ballroom dancer, Kym also posed for Australian men’s magazine FHM. Recently in April 2013, she also stripped down for a PETA ad campaign combating animal testing.

Kym Johnson plastic surgery before and after

Kym Johnson then and now

Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery Allegations – Botox Injections and Eyebrow lift

The Hollywood is tremendously affected by the cosmetic surgery bug. Many celebrities appear plastic and select few have even come out advocating such treatments. 37-year old Kym Johnson has been alleged of going under the knife. Let us have a look at what all cosmetic surgery procedures she has been alleged to have gone for!

At 37, Kym has flawless skin which is free from frown lines. Her smooth and fresh skin without any wrinkles is indicative of Botox injections. Her young appearing skin suggests she might have opted for facial fillers as well.

Kym Johnson before and after photos are suggestive of an eyebrow lift been performed. The surprised look indicates that an eyebrow lift or Blepharoplasty has been performed on the individual. Kym after surgery photos indicate a slightly surprised look.

Kym Johnson

Kym Johnson

Fame comes at a price. No longer will your personal and professional life be separate how much so ever you want it. Even slight changes in your appearance lead to a new story for the media houses. Kym has been a dedicated ball dancer. Most of all she has been in the news for her dedicated practice routines and her ’Dancing with the stars’ performances. Dancing at Elton John’s 50th birthday party and appearing in the hit movie Strictly Ballroom are some other highlights from Kym Johnson’s career.

But the Kym Johnson plastic surgery allegations seem to be more of a rumor mill origin than an actuality. Kym’s looks have remained almost the same over the years with minimal changes that can be accounted to make up. Looking at Kym Johnson plastic surgery before and after photos do you think that Kym has gone under the knife? Does Kym’s beauty appear plastic to you? We would love to hear your take.

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