Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery is a mixed bag of fortunes. While it went well on other ends, a part of it did not turn out as expected. She is a very vibrant celebrity who will not allow age to destroy her rather flamboyant career. She has managed to garner a strong followership through her activities. Kyra Sedgwick is just like other celebrities who from time to time have to face and weave through pressures that will give them a longer shelf life.

No celebrity would want to age especially while still active in their career. This is because aging brings along dwindling opportunities and fan base.

Was the plastic surgery justified?

At forty six, Kyra Sedgwick must have felt the loss of youthfulness and a desire to get it back. This is usually the major factor amongst celebrities. The frailty that age comes with is not6 desirable at all and this is fought through avenues including cosmetic surgery. Despite the fact that some of the surgeries did not go well, it is generally agreed that the procedure was well deserved. She looks younger and ready to go another cycle in her career. This is the desire of every celebrity.

Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery before after

Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery before after

Procedures undertaken

Looking at her before and after photos, Kyra Sedgwick shows significant change both in her lips, skin, face and breasts. This transformation can be explained by a number of cosmetic enhancements.

Lip Augmentation

The lips of the celebrity appear full and fleshy. This is not ordinary for someone her age. Many people would have expected a rather shrinking lip denoting the passing times. The vibrancy of her lips show that something was done to make them turgid. Usually chemicals are injected into the lip tissue so as to make them large and luscious. Not all lip operations usually turn out well. For some celebrities whose luck is not on their side, the lip augmentation process has a chance of going overboard making the entire lips look funny and unnatural. Kyra Sedgwick was lucky that all went well for her and she looks gorgeous.


This includes the operations done on the face so as to make the celebrity appear youthful and attractive. Through experienced surgeons, the face is usually operated on using the contours present so as to structure it to fit the desire of the artist. Kyra Sedgwick had her facelift done although it did not turn out well. Her face appeared frozen and unnatural. This is one of the areas that critics have dwelt on when analyzing the failures of her surgical operations.

Breast Augmentation

Kyra Sedgwick breast implants

Kyra Sedgwick breast implants

Looking at her breasts, there has been some suspicion that her breasts were enhanced through implants into the size in which they are. This is because previously, her bust size was small but later increased in size to a fuller bust. Various celebrities go for such procedures so as to attain a balanced figure.

Despite the facials which did not go well, Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery can be said to be a success because all other operations served to enhance her beauty. It is a well calculated surgical move.

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