Lady Gaga plastic surgery is just speculative since the celebrity has vehemently denied having gone through the surgeon scalpel to modify her appearance. Lady Gaga is a renowned musician with international hits such as Just Dance and Poker Face. The born 1986 celebrity has a lot of followers not only because of her music but also her outlandish looks.

Many individuals including pundits, celebrity watchers and gossip columnists have speculations that Lady Gaga might have procured a number of plastic surgical procedures to enhance her looks. Discussed below are some of the surgical procedures that the celebrity might have undergone.

Lady Gaga Nose Job Before and After

This is the first cosmetic procedure that Lady Gaga might have undergone. Looking at her previous and current images, you will see some alterations on her nose. Before the operation, her nose was bigger and poorly defined. She might have felt the pressure to integrate her nasal area with the other facial features and thus opted to go under the knife. Looking at her current photos, the nose is a bit longer and narrower that it was before. Though the nose looks more refined, it’s not perfectly defined meaning that the surgeon who was working on her did not do an exceptional job.

Lady Gaga nose job before and after

Lady Gaga nose job before and after

Botox Injections

Though Lady Gaga is not very old, at her age one would expect to se some signs of aging like wrinkles. However looking at Gaga, her face doesn’t have any wrinkles and instead her skin appears unnaturally smooth, refined and youthful. Many claim that the star is obsessed with Botox injections because she wants to remain beautiful and attractive forever. The unnatural look on her face is as a result of excessive use of chemicals such as Juvederm and Restylane that are usually injected into the skin to get rid of wrinkles as well as make it smoother.

Lip Augmentation

Lady Gaga plastic surgery before after

Lady Gaga plastic surgery before after

Despite that the celebrity is still young, looking at her lips closely you will notice that they are extra nutritious and luscious. This has been attributed by many to lip augmentation. It is the desire of every woman to have fresh and luscious lips because they add to their beauty and this might be the reason Lady Gaga underwent this cosmetic operation.

Breast implants

Breast augmentation has become common among actresses all over the world. These celebrities are going for breast implants in order to have what they refer to as ideal breast size. Some celebrities go for enlargement while others its reduction depending on the size. According to experts, Lady Gaga went for breast enlargement. Her boobs appear bigger in size than they were before and also well shaped.

Lady Gaga breast implants before after

Lady Gaga breast implants before after

Face Lift

Lady Gage facial features look compact and intact. At her age, one would be beginning to see some signs of aging. The interesting thing is that Lady Gaga doesn’t have any of lines or wrinkles on her face. Her facial features look too refined and elevated to be natural.

Overall Opinion on Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

Looking at the celebrity previous and current photos, there are some notable changes in her appearance. Her face for instance looks fake and unnatural. This has been attributed to excessive use of cosmetic procedures.

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