Plastic surgery is a gambling as all experiments are not successful and the failed ones are really disastrous. The once famous, stylish and stunning Hollywood queen Lara Flynn Boyle’s pictures of October 2013 better tell the story of the catastrophes that a failed plastic surgery can do with skin.

All skin experts and beauty experts strongly believe that Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery was totally a bad experiment and all the blame goes to the surgeon who performed this. However, the lady herself is quite confident of what she has done with her face.

When Lara appeared to public in October last year after having gone through plastic surgery treatments, her lips and cheeks were looking puffy and awkward. Despite many inquiries by photographers and journalists, she remained tight-lipped as if nothing had happened.

The rock star of Twin Peaks and The Practice was once considered to be the most stylish lady of Hollywood. Her features like hair style, sharp facial look, well-shaped breasts and round booty were really amazing and attractive, but now, she has changed altogether.

Lara Flynn boyle plastic surgery photos

Lara Flynn boyle plastic surgery photos

To many of her fans, she has become unattractive and hot and they are surprised of how such a successful and stylish lady can go for such a rough and ruinous surgical treatment while she was quite young and fresh naturally.

Some people even link Lara’s newly adopted smoking habit to the failed plastic surgery deal. During the last few months of the last year, she has been found smoking frequently which led her fans think that she was doing so to avert the frustration that her new look had brought.

Going overboard with plastic surgery solutions is not a new thing as various other ladies of Hollywood have also suffered from this blessing in disguise. This usually happens when women try to hold their lost younger look overnight and they get overdose of Botox injections. Botox is equally beneficial and disastrous. Even a slight misuse of this medicine can bring a big calamity to your skin.

The actress had long been thinking of going under knife and she did it finally in 2013. During a TV interview back in 2002, she said, “I know I may be running out of time”. This shows that Lara had grave concerns about her growing age and she was curious to avert the age factors as soon as possible. This led her mess up with plastic surgery.

Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery before and after

Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery before and after

Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery has changed minds of other women who are thinking of getting their looks changed casually. Now, they will proceed wisely and carefully. With heavy lips and cheeks, Lara is quite a new lady now. To many, she is just unrecognizable. Despite this, she has never expressed any regret about whatever happened to her skin. This seems that she wears this look with her own will and the respective surgeon should not be blamed for this. Whatever the reason, Lara’s case was totally a failed surgical trial.

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