Lara Spencer plastic surgery could not have escaped the ears of many. This is because of the profile that the television personality holds. Despite her age, the industry she is in makes her to be conscious of her looks and the way she appears before her fans and followers. She has an attractive personality and she has a taste for excellent and unique colors. This is however beside the point.

The reason why many people have been following her lately has been due to the fact that the celebrity looks younger and more beautiful that she ought to be at her age. This has raised suspicion because at the age of 45, one would expect the television star to have stated developing traces of wrinkles.

However, this does not seem to be the case here. This has left more questions than answers with many people asking whether the celebrity has been under the surgeon’s knife.


Celebrity plastic surgical procedures are not something new in our system anymore. It is however worthy noting that there are many failures as opposed to success stories in plastic surgery. The technology that defines today’s surgical procedures makes it very difficult to tell whether a celebrity such as Lara Spencer has undergone cosmetic surgery or not. Because of her youthful appearance, some quarters have started formulating hypothesis regarding the existence of surgical processes.

What cosmetic procedures could she have undergone?

Botox and facelift

Looking at Lara Spencer at a close range reveals two very striking aspects. The first one is the absence of wrinkles on her forehead while the second one is the presence of a very smooth face. Pundits claim that the celebrity is very much in love with Botox almost to a point of obsession.

Looking at her before and after photos, you are likely to see some very minimal transitions of youthfulness. Even after looking at her before and after photos, many people still cannot tell whether there was a surgical procedure or not. This could be explained by the technical nature of such operations. The experts carrying them out are also skilled enough as not to leave traces.

The surgeons however cannot hide these aging signs forever. In fact in just short while the weakness and frailty that come with age will soon catch up with her despite her youthful look. From afar, you can see the aging face of Lara, the crowfeet and cleat somewhere at the corner of her eyes.

Lara Spencer plastic surgery before & after

Lara Spencer plastic surgery before & after

She has always resisted the fact that she has gone through surgical procedures. Instead she reiterates that her looks are natural and that no surgeons hand passed through them. As earlier said, chances are that she could be right about it or she could be insincere. There is a possibility that the celebrity is aging naturally while taking care of herself very well.

The talk about Lara Spenser plastic surgery is still largely unfounded. In case she had, the surgeon who did it must be very clinical as not to live any trace whatsoever. The bottom line in all this is that Lara Spencer is beautiful and sexy making heads turn in admiration.

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