LASIK stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis. This is a pretty popular technique for curing vision problems.

How much does a LASIK eye surgery cost? Well, the average price ranges around $2000.

The price can be lower or higher than $2000 depending upon severity of the problem and type of treatment being given. The best thing about LASIK is that it has been in use since the past 6 decades. The treatment has proved to be effective for treating uneven corneas. Recovery is seen to be pretty fast, and most patients don’t even have to wear glasses or contact lenses after treatment.

Average Costs

The sad news is that with advancement in technology, and increase in popularity of this treatment, its price hasn’t decreased, rather it has rose higher. The average price of $2000 is for modern standard LASIK treatments, but the price can drop down to $1000 if you LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

opt for old technology. In case money is not an obstacle for you, and you need top notch treatment, then expect to pay around $2400 to $3000. Assuming all other factors to be equal, going for latest technology is the better option. Technology evolves by getting rid of glitches, which means latest technology comes with fewer side effects as compared to old ones.

Eye Catching Adverts

Some eye treatment centers advertise LASIK eye surgery cost as low as $299. When it comes to your eyes, don’t be tempted by cheap fee and quick healing procedures. The sad truth about so called economical treatments is that they are a bait and switch marketing technique to attract people and make them committed. According to estimates, around 2% people qualify for these super cheap treatments. Patients having serious issues will have to pay more than the basic price of $300. The trick usually goes like this. You pay the basic cost of $300, get complete checkup, and if you need serious treatment, the price would jump to something like $1500 to $1800, excluding charges of upcoming checkups. Overall, a discount offer usually doesn’t prove to be as economical as it looks.

Payment Options

In case you can’t delay or avoid a LASIK eye treatment, there is a chance that it will affect your finances. Therefore, it is wise to plan accordingly. Viable financing solutions include:

1. Spending Accounts: Use your health savings account or flexible spending account when you have to pay for LASIK.

2. Tax Refunds: Utilize your tax refunds in time to get some money to pay for your LASIK treatment.

3. Financing: Paying upfront is ideal, but if you are short of cash, then you can easily get 3rd party financing.

4. Contact Your Employer: In case your employer pays for your medical insurance, ask about details regarding eye treatments. In case the whole amount of treatment is covered, it is better than everything else.


You should always prefer getting treated with state of the art technology, even if it is slightly costly. This will ensure that you don’t have to spend more money in future for any other treatments. Avoid falling for amazing discount deals like $300* for LASIK, as there are several hidden costs under the asterisk sign.

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