Lauren Holly plastic surgery is no longer a rumor since the celebrity acknowledged having procured cosmetic procedures to boost her appearance. This is unlike most celebrities who deny going through the surgical knife even when the writing is on the wall.

The celebrity says that she is happy with her plastic surgery because it went as she had envisioned. She also added that the procedure did not only enhance her looks but also her self esteem and confidence. In her forties, Lauren Holly still looks as beautiful and attractive as she was in her twenties.

Being in the limelight, she couldn’t help it but procure cosmetic surgeries to fight off the signs of aging and turn back the hands of time. Below are some of the cosmetic operations that Lauren Holly underwent.

Breast Augmentation

Most women across the globe including celebrities tend to believe that their beauty lies on their bust. As such, they would go to any extent to just have the ideal bust. Every woman wants her breasts to blend well with the rest of the body shape. In event that there is a misfit, the ladies will definitely go for surgical procedures in order to correct this anomaly.

Lauren Holly breast implants before and after

Lauren Holly breast implants before and after

Lauren Holly thought that her breasts were not ideal and this is the reason she decided to go for the breast augmentation. The process was done perfectly by an experienced and highly skilled plastic surgeon and outcome was exactly what she wanted. Looking at Lauren Holly current pictures compared to photos taken some years back, one can clearly see the difference in her bust. Her breasts are perfectly shaped and are well sized to fit perfectly with the rest of her body features. This cosmetic procedure brought out a flaunting and dashing look that has even increased her followership. The best thing with her breast implants is that she is much happier and confidence than she was before.

Botox Injections

Looking at Lauren Holly closely, you can tell that her face looks radiant, smooth and wrinkle free. At forties, you would expect to see some aging signs like wrinkles and loose skin but the story is different for Lauren. This could only be possible by cosmetic surgeries. The operation seems to have given her a new lease of life because she looks cheerful, splendid and amazing.


Lauren Holly plastic surgery before after

Lauren Holly plastic surgery before after

Compared to her age mates, Lauren Holly appear much younger and attractive. There is a possibility that Lauren could have gone through the surgeon’s knife to have her facial features modified slightly. Looking at her current photos, it’s clear that something was altered that improved her looks in an amazing way. Her face is shiny and full of life.

Both her critics and fans agree that Lauren Holly plastic surgery was a great success and that it has enhanced her appearance. It was done in such a clinical manner. She still looks great and splendid at her forties thanks to the cosmetic procedures. She is happy that her plastic surgery was a great success. Having such a successful cosmetic operation is not an easy fete since it calls for keen attention to details.

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