Glee star, Lea Michele is making headlines for the right reasons. Lea Michele nose job issue is one of the most talked about subjects in the entertainment fraternity. This is as Lea is adamant that she will not conform to Hollywood’s expectations and get a nose job.

If you’ve ever watched, the popular TV series, Glee, you would agree that Lea’s nose is not small. Michele’s nose is quite prominent with a protruding and rounded tip. As a result, she was under constant pressure prior to the start of her career to get a rhinoplasty to improve her chances of success as an entertainer.

In fact, it was a talent manager who first asked her to get a nose job during a meeting. Her mother, however, was not in agreement with the suggestion and subsequently ended the meeting. Clearly, a Lea Michele nose job available was out of the question. Lea said that she was reluctant in doing any plastic surgery on her nose as she was concerned that it may have negatively affected her singing.

Lea Michele nose job before after

Lea Michele nose job before after

Lea’s prominent nose can be attributed to her Jewish genes. Her father is Jewish, while her mother is Italian. Apart from the suggestion of her talent manager, Lea was under constant pressure from high school peers to get a nose job. It must have been hard not to succumb to the pressures, considering that she was the one of the only girls that didn’t get a nose makeover. Had it been for Lea alone, she probably might have yielded to the pressures.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele

However, her mother was adamant that a nose job was not necessary; convincing her that Barbara Streisand didn’t get a nose job and still made it as an entertainer. The singer/ actress said that Ms. Streisand has been her biggest inspiration to date.

It is clear that the talent manager who made the suggestion for a rhinoplasty was convinced that Lea’s future in showbiz was bleak due to her “different” nose. Lea has since defied the belief of both her would be talent manager and her peers by landing the lead role in the popular TV series, Glee. She has since won several accolades for her stellar portrayal of her character, Rachel. Her awards include Grammy award, a Satellite Award and a People’s Choice Award.

In spite of her nose, Lea has endorsed several brands including Gap, Inc., Dove, Chevrolet, Nike, HP Touchpad, and Candie’s. Being the face of L’Oreal is probably her most notable achievement. This is as the brand only uses the most beautiful of the lot to endorse its products. Now, how’s that for a big nose?

Though Barbra Streisand is her inspiration, Michele is, and continues to inspire girls and women alike. She has taught them self acceptance and not to yield to peer pressure in an effort to be accepted. The star obviously has no regrets about her decision about not getting a nose job.

Let’s hope she continues to stand by her beliefs. We would hate to see that! The Lea Michele nose job news continues to generate interest from all circles. However, sad to say, that Lea won’t be available for a nose job anytime soon.

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