If you think plastic surgery is just a female phenomenon, then you better think again. Lee Min Ho plastic surgery rumors is among the hottest topics circulating the in the showbiz industry. The actor singer and model is rumored to have a nose surgery and lip surgery to improve his appearance. These allegations are, however, unconfirmed as the star is yet to come forward to deny or confirm if the rumors are true.

Lee Min Ho made is acting debut in the drama series, Secret Campus in 2006. Since then, Lee Min has made appearances in several drama series and films alike. The star is credited with seven appearances in drama and two film appearances including Gangnam blues. As an actor, Lee Min has made numerous endorsements for several companies including Dunkin Donuts, Pepsi Nex, Levi’s Signature and Toyota Camry.

Undoubtedly, Lee Min Ho is among the most handsome celebrities in Korea. His charming looks melt the hearts of nearly all his female fans. As a result, there are mixed reactions towards Lee Min Ho plastic surgery rumors. Some fans believe that the actor looks even more handsome than before. Others believe that he was already gorgeous and didn’t need the enhancement.

Lee Min Ho plastic surgery before and after

Lee Min Ho plastic surgery before and after

Lee Min Ho’s Nose Job

Although Lee Min Ho has not confirmed the plastic surgery rumors, the changes are quite apparent. Before and after photographs confirm the obvious changes to Lee Min’s nose. Previously, the tip of the star’s nose was kind of bulbous. Now, Lee Min sports a narrower, straighter, well defined nose.

Another Lee Min Ho plastic surgery rumor is regarding the actor’s lips. Before and after photographs confirm a slight difference the appearance of Lee Min’s lips. Previously, his lips sort of protruded. Now, they no longer have that element.

Lee Min Ho Plastic surgery rumors are simply that- rumors. This is because the star remains silent and has not made any effort to dispel the rumors. In fact, whenever he’s asked about the subject, he just remains quiet. There is a proverb that says, silence means consent. If that is anything to go by, then Lee Min’s silence towards the issue is a confirmation of truth.

Lee Min Ho nose job before and after

Lee Min Ho nose job before and after

Despite the star’s silence, the entertainment agency that he is signed to, Star Haus Entertainment Agency, has sought to quell the rumors by denying the allegations. A representative from the agency has said that Lee Min has not had any plastic surgery procedures. In fact, the agency said that all their stars have to retain authenticity and refrain from plastic surgery procedures. We really appreciate the agency coming forward to clarify the issue, but the only person who can say that he has never had plastic surgery, is Lee Min himself.

It’s understandable why stars aren’t really keen on disclosing the truth about their plastic surgery. Admitting would mean acknowledging their physical inadequacies. Having said that, Lee Min Ho plastic surgery is among the best plastic surgery successes. Lee Min needs not be ashamed, he is more gorgeous than ever and the modifications will only help advance his career.

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