At age 71, veteran television journalist Leslie Stahl does not look a day older than her age. In fact, the journalist’s youthfulness is the main reason why the Leslie Stahl plastic surgery rumors are as hot as coals.

Despite being an award winning journalist, Leslie’s initial career goal was to become a doctor. She studied Zoology at Columbia University but her first job was as a speech writer for Mayor John Lindsay. This role eventually left to Stahl getting a position as a researcher with the election team at NBC.

Leslie Stahl’s first marriage was to a Doctor Jeffrey Gordon while she was at Columbia University. However, the union only lasted three years. Stahl married a second time to Aaron Latham, a fellow reporter whom she met while covering a news story. The union produced one child and the couple are still together.

Considering that Leslie never had any aspirations of becoming a journalist, she has done quite well in this line of work. She has received several awards for her work in journalism including Alfred I. duPont- Columbia University Journalism Award, Edward R. Murrow for Overall Excellence in Television.

Leslie Stahl plastic surgery photo

Leslie Stahl then and now

Leslie has assumed several roles in her long journalism career. She moderated Face of the Nation from 1983-1991, anchored America Tonight from 1990-1991, worked as a correspondent for 60 minutes from 1991 – the present day and hosted 48 Hours from between 2002 and 2004.

Leslie Stahl age is hard to guess, when she looks so young. Why does she seem as though she is not aging? Well, it is quite possible that Stahl has been drinking from the fountain of youth. However, if there really is such a fountain, we all would like to know where it is located.

You do not have to look closely at Leslie Stahl plastic surgery before and after pictures to see that the journalist looks pretty much the same now as she was when she was younger. This therefore gives reason to the speculations that have been circulating about the journalist’s face lift plastic surgery.

At 70 years old, Leslie’s face looks smooth, fresh and tight compared to the average grandmother. With that being said, Stahl actually looks 25 years younger than her age. Her surgeon seems to have done a good job though because if we had not known Leslie before, there would be no doubt in our minds that her face is simply, naturally youthful.

Leslie Stahl young (1980) photo

Left: Leslie Stahl in 1980 Right: Leslie Stahl in 2013

Leslie Stahl plastic surgery has made it hard to tell how old the celebrity journalist is. In fact, in her before and after pictures, she looks just as young in 2013 as she did in 1980. If you never knew or heard about Leslie Stahl before, you would have a hard time guessing how old she really is.

Allegations of Leslie’s plastic surgery are unconfirmed but if she really has never had plastic surgery, then we should all aspire to look like her when we grow up. Having looked at the before and after pictures, do you think Leslie is drinking from the fountain of youth or has she been under the knife?

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