The stories about Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery have been in various public circles including blogs, tabloids and other gossip newspapers.

Lindsay Lohan is not only a celebrity but also a major influence to her sister who also underwent a surgical procedure that cost her $25,000. Being in the public domain has its advantages and disadvantages. The public pressure usually builds up raising the bar unexpectedly high for most celebrities.

While others choose to age gracefully, some like Lindsay Lohan bow to the pressure and go under the knife. Enhancement of looks has been the major driving force because of the high stakes that an enhanced look can bring to the celebrities. Most of the roles that they play either in music or acting have to do with how they look. The appearance of Lindsay Lohan for instance is ideal for the career that she is in.

Did Lindsay Lohan have to undergo plastic surgery?

Lindsay Lohan then and now

Lindsay Lohan then and now. Photo via

This is the question that many people ask both her fans and critics. While it can be said that plastic surgery is necessary to some extent, lack of it could also retain the natural beauty while exposing the body to aging and other effects. Lindsay Lohan was beautiful and still is thanks to the lip augmentation that went through. Many people may not agree with her but the general belief is that just like other celebrities, she deserves to engage in whatever practice she thinks will improve her looks.

Was lip augmentation the best procedure for her?

Looking at her before and after photos, it is clear that her lips had started shrinking because of the effects of age. Although she is not that advanced in years, signs of general body aging had started showing. While there are many cosmetic procedures she could have undergone, the choice of lip augmentation was the best for her at the time. Her lips now are much fuller and luscious measuring up to the rest of her facial features. Her fans agree that she looks more beautiful than she was previously.

Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery before after

Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery before after

The chemicals used for her lip augmentation

Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery just like any of the contemporary surgeries made use of the available and proven dermal fillers for the operation. Juvederm is rumored to have been the chemical that was injected in her lips to make them fuller and fleshy. There are other chemicals that are normally used in such circumstances like Restylane and Radiesse. The importance of measured application of these chemicals is crucial. An over application could result into distorted lips that can worsen instead of improving looks.

Rumors of any other surgery

As far as Lindsay Lohan inner circle and official communication is concerned, there are no any other surgeries either planned or undertaken. This is in line with what most critics have written about her. Her beauty is generally attributed to exercise and diet.

On an overall scale, it can be said that Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery was done in a minimal way and served her well. She looks more beautiful and youthful than she was before. This is a successful case of plastic surgery.

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