Loni Anderson plastic surgery is not a strange for a person her age. In fact many celebrities who are approaching seventies and beyond have put plastic surgery as a must-do process in their bid to fight the effects of aging. The appearance of wrinkles, frown lines and other aging marks does not augur well with their careers in the celebrity industry.

The Childhood and Parental Contribution

Loni Kaye Anderson has been brought up by parents who had a social standing. Her father was an environmental chemist while her mother was a model. This influence must have been so significant in her formative years. Being in the limelight has not been easy and as always, it’s demanding. Her education at the University of Minnesota is also said to have contributed in major ways.

Her Career

Having studied arts at the university, Loni Anderson was poised for a very successful career in acting and drama. Following her graduation, she took part in a number of movies including the famous CBS sitcom ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’. The publicity she enjoyed here together with that of “All dogs go to heaven” must have given her some cautiousness. Her looks have been her greatest investment and therefore worth the protection.

Loni Anderson plastic surgery before and after

Loni Anderson plastic surgery before and after

Being an actress calls for the aspect of being beautiful if not for your self benefit then for the sake of the crowd.

Plastic Procedures Involved

According to the social media and rumors doing rounds amongst her critics, the actress is said to have gone through certain cosmetic operations. The main ones include a nose job, face lift and breast augmentation.


The desire for a smoother and tighter face has been part and parcel of the life of Loni Anderson. Age however has a way of eroding the youthful looks that one has gained with time. To reverse the hands of time, many celebrities go through facials so as to regain their youthful appearances. Loni Anderson has a face that can easily be confused with that of a person thirty years her junior. At her late sixties, she stills looks glamorous and no signs of aging as yet. In fact, her previous photo album bears images which look very different from the way she is now.


Her nose is another part of her that went through a corrective cosmetic procedure. Very few celebrities are contented with how they look especially at their face and nose. In a bid to make the nose a perfect fit with the rest of the facial features, the celebrity underwent a nose job. Her nose looks narrow and her nostrils thinner than they were in her before surgery photos. The bridge of her nose is narrow and fine too.

Breast Implants

Loni Anderson breast implants pic

Loni Anderson breast implants pic

The desire for rounder and firmer breasts seems to be in every woman celebrity. Loni Anderson had big boobs but later on underwent surgery to reduce the cup size. In her old age, one would expect to see her breasts sagging but the opposite holds true. Her photos show it all.

Loni Anderson plastic surgery has served to enhance her beauty at old age. She looks great now than ever before.

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