Popularly called wonder woman, Lynda Carter is one of the popular Hollywood actress who has played important roles in movies such as Adventures of Wonder Woman and the New Original Wonder Woman which were popular during the early 70’s. Apart from being an actress and a passionate singer at the same time, Lynda carter is being recognized for her natural outlook and physical attractiveness. This made her to become the most beautiful woman in the world in 1972 (Miss World).

Behind the media and internet rumors platform, it is being speculated that the actress has had plastic surgery. It is being said that the motive behind the procedure was to reduce the sagging skin and wrinkles on her face which had developed with age.

At her early 60’s, it is being said that Lynda Carter plastic surgery has gone to an extent that she is now undertaking Fraxel laser treatment and nose job. Despite her big title of being a beautiful woman in the world during the early 70’s, Lynda is still insecure with her present physical outlook. This has forced her to undertake some plastic surgery such as eyelift, face lifts, Botox injection and nose jobs.

Lynda Carter then and now

Lynda Carter then and now

Lynda carter plastic surgery procedures in details:

1. Face lift and Botox injection

Today, every famous person especially celebrities from Hollywood are scared to lose their natural beauty once they approach the age of 50’s. This is forcing some of them to undertake the knife without caring the outcome. At her early 60s, Lynda is expected to have frown lines and wrinkles throughout her face. However, this is not the case with her. In order to cover the fine lines and eliminate the sagging skin that is associated with loss of fat, it is being alleged that the actress undertook Botox and facelift injection. Because of the work she has done, her recent plastic surgery photos show no signs of aging.

Some critics are speculating that Lynda reasons behind her smooth wrinkle-free skin is due to the use of a more sophistical cosmetic treatment referred to as Fraxel laser treatment. This has resulted to a more youthful and shiny facial skin.

2. Blepharoplasty

With age, the skin surface loses elasticity and fat deposits drastically reduce. This eventually leads to a lose skin, the reasons behind development of drooping around the eyebrows. With Lynda Carter, the case is different. Critics are attributing the lack of sagging skin around the actress eyes with the use of blepharoplasty, a cosmetic procedure that slows down the drooping of skin making one to appear younger around the eyes.

Lynda Carter plastic surgery before and after

Lynda Carter plastic surgery before and after

Lynda Carter’s reaction

When Lynda Carter first heard about these allegations, she came out strongly to deny the accusations. She said the procedure she is being accused to have undertaken are not for her as they are dangerous and weird.

Despite her public denial of all the allegations put across, Lynda Carter plastic surgery before and after pictures are showing clearly that the actress has undergone through the knife. Despite the rumors, the actress appears younger, naturally beautiful and physically attractive. The procedures which she could have used have resulted to wonderful outcome.

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