Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery comes at a time when Hollywood is live with rumors of celebrities going under the surgical knife. One of the obvious reasons that have made celebrities opt for the knife is because of the pressure that Hollywood exerts on them. Fans are expecting too much from their celebrities an aspect that has made many of them bow to the pressure and opt for surgical means.

Mary Louise Parker is no exception. Rumors about her surgery occupied the center space of her personal and career life. Born in 1964, the actress has for some time felt that she is slowly loosing the grip as far as celebrity status and looks is concerned.

Being a mother with an adopted son and daughter from a past relationship, have brought into her life some sought of weariness that seems to take toll on her appearance, form and structure. Mary Louise Parker has been an acclaimed actress famous for the series Weeds. She has had lots of stunts and her private life has been spent much in the public domain.

Mary Louise Parker-plastic surgery before after

Mary Louise Parker-plastic surgery before after

At her age, her face seems to be unnaturally smooth prompting many people to think that the celebrity must have undergone under the knife.

What kind of plastic surgery did Mary Louise Parker undergo?

Botox Operation

Television is one of the areas where celebrities are on record for aging gracefully without having to go through surgical procedures. This seems to be a different case when you look at Louise Parker who has half a century to herself in addition to being a mother. Looking at her now, Mary can easily pass for a 20 year old because of the way she looks smooth with fewer if any wrinkles. Her skin is full with lots of life and vibrancy. This is usually the after effect of Botox operations. Fillers such as Juvederm are injected to smooth any wrinkles and tighten the skin. Her frown lines are conspicuously absent and her eyes look sharp and her smile lovely. This has made her reinvent her youth.

Mary Louise Parker

Mary Louise Parker

There seems to be a parallel thought with many of her followers falling for the idea that the celebrity takes care of herself well through diet and exercise. This view has however been dismissed by celebrity watchers.


Her nose has also been rumored to have received some alterations. Looking at the nostrils which seem narrower than they were before and the tip which looks sharper can lead to an early conclusion that Mary must have undergone a nose job. The overall structure if the nose is narrower and sharper as compared to the times past.

Mary Louise Parker’s Response to Plastic Surgery Claims

The celebrity has remained much in denial saying that she has not undergone any of the procedures even though some of the signs are so much in the open. Whether she seeks to protect her image or her privacy, Mary Louise Parker has stuck with idea that a good diet, personal care and exercise are what have worked the magic in her life.

Overall, the celebrity looks younger, sharper and more beautiful than she was in her youth. She has every reason to thank the surgical procedures.

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