Mary McCormack plastic surgery rumors may seem like a made up story at first. This is because the celebrity is so natural that no one would imagine that she underwent any cosmetic procedures. When plastic surgery is done well, rarely would there be any ‘obvious’ traces left.

The rumor revolves around her lips which some keen observers have noted that they look fuller and a bit enhanced compared to their original shape and size. When such a suspicion rents the air, there must be something that is going on under.

Did Mary McCormack go through the cosmetic procedure?

Her changed face and her enhanced lips tell it all. She looks sexy and prettier than she was before. If you look at her before and after photos, you can see that there are some subtle differences in her appearance.

Mary McCormack plastic surgery before after

Mary McCormack plastic surgery before after

Lip Injection

From the way her lips are compared to how they were previously, there is no brand of lipstick that could have worked the magic. It has purely been the work of injections that have deposited chemicals in her lip tissues making them fuller and fleshy.

Mary Mccormack

Mary Mccormack

A perfect comparison would be to look at her lips in the Murder One series and compare with her now. Previously they were looking thinner and sharp as opposed to their bigger and juicy appearance now.

Other Rumors

Apart from the lip injection, it is said that the celebrity underwent Rhinoplasty. This is because of the some visible changes on her nasal organ. Her nose looks a bit narrow and refined a feature that was not part of her previous look. Rhinoplasty is usually done to give the face some kind of a balanced look. This could also have been her intention.

There are also some claims of Botox injections. The basis of these allegations is probably her wrinkle free face and smoother cheeks. These claims are however yet to be substantiated because the alleged features could have as well been as a result of natural processes such as exercise and a good balanced diet.

Cosmetic surgery can either enhance your looks or destroy them. Some people call it a chance event while others believe that it is a calculated risk. Whatever the case, it worked for the American actress. The lip enhancements have resulted into her looking more beautiful than ever before.

Following this and other observations, it can be concluded that Mary McCormack plastic surgery was a huge success.

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