Beauty bombshell, Megan Fox, is blessed with a body and looks to die for. However, critics believe that her picture perfect looks aren’t natural, giving rise to the Megan Fox plastic surgery rumors. Though the star is indeed quite beautiful, reports have surfaced that she isn’t exactly comfortable in her skin. This may be the reason why she has been toying with surgical procedures.

Many believe that Fox is not the best of actors, but the star has been undergoing grooming for this career since age 5 with training in drama and dance. The 28 year old actress/ model started her acting career playing the role of a spoiled heiress, in the 2001 film, Holiday Sun.

The star rose to prominence in the acting world with her role in transformers. Rumors are that the star drew attention for the wrong reasons with her “bad acting” skills. Since then, she has made appearances in the films: Jennifer’s Body, This is 40 and the Transformer sequel, The Revenge of the Fallen.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Rumor

No one is quite sure what surgical enhancements the star has had. This is as both Megan and her publicist have vehemently denied allegations of a nose job, botox and lip injections. In fact, Fox’s annoyance with the allegations caused her to take to the social media platform, Facebook, in an effort to dispel the rumors.

The actress created an album on the social networking site titled, “Things you cant with your face when you have Botox”. The album featured pictures of the actress demonstrating several facial expressions with all of them showing wrinkles and creases. This may have dispelled the botox rumors but the other rumors concerning a nose job and lip injections are not going anywhere.

Concerning the nose job allegations, Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after pictures confirm a slight difference in the star’s nose. When compared to when she just arrived on the scene, the actress’ nose appears to be narrower with a sculpted tip. There are no Facebook pictures attempting to dispel this rumor.

Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after photos

Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after photos

Although Megan has continued to deny the Megan Fox plastic surgery allegations, a source close to her said that when the star was dropped from the Transformers franchise she was devastated. Her devastation led to an obsession for perfect physical appearance. The source, who is also a friend of Fox, said that Megan is quite self conscious and is unable to ignore the temptation to check herself out when she passes by a mirror. The friend said that Megan ignored pleas of her other friends to desist from interfering with her face, and the changes now make her look quite weird.

Megan Fox in movie

How much did Megan Fox’s spend for all the plastic surgeries?

A well known plastic surgeon has said that Megan may have undergone $60,000 worth of plastic surgery. After analysing the star, the expert said that Megan has dabbled in eyelift, rhinoplasty, cheek implants, lip injections, laser skin resurfacing and mole removal. If all this is true, Megan definitely has a lot of work to do in preparing a Facebook album to dispel all these rumors.

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