Meryl Streep plastic surgery is one that could not have escaped the attention of the media. She procured a number of cosmetic procedures in order to boost her appearance. Being in the limelight, Meryl Streep felt the pressure to procure cosmetic surgeries to fight off signs of aging.

What cosmetic surgical operations did Meryl Streep procure?

Botox Injections

Looking at Meryl Streep closely, you can tell that her face looks shiny, smooth and wrinkle free. At her age, you would expect to see some aging signs like wrinkles or loose skin but the story is different for Meryl Streep. There are no signs of aging on her face which could only be possible through cosmetic procedures. The Botox treatment gave her a glowing look on the face as well as a shining forehead. The best thing with her Botox treatment is that it was done in moderation such that it gave perfect results.

Meryl Streep plastic surgery before after

Meryl Streep plastic surgery before after

The surgeon who was working on her must be very competent and knew his job pretty well. She looks glowing in a natural way and it is hard to tell that there is anything that was done on her face.


Compared to her age mates, Meryl appear much younger and beautiful. There is a possibility that the celebrity could have gone through the surgeon’s knife to have her facial features modified slightly. Looking at her before and after images, it’s clear that something was altered that improved her looks in an amazing and a fabulous way. Her face is shiny, perfectly toned, tight and natural.

Neck lift

For someone her age, you would expect to see loose skin and wrinkles around her neck but this is not the case. Her neck looks tight and it is very smooth something that could be attributed to a neck lift. Very few celebrities opt for this operation and Meryl steep was among the few. Having a refined neck free of loose skin, is a phenomenon that has now become a trend among celebrities.


With age, the eyelids start having loose skin and wrinkles and assume bag-like shapes. But for this celebrity, the story is totally different since you will not see any sign of aging around her eyes.

Meryl Streep plastic surgery photo

Meryl Streep then and now

Looking at Meryl Streep before and after photos, you can tell that she underwent eyelid surgery. When you clearly look at her eyes, they look larger and bigger with no loose skin or wrinkles. Her eyes also look sharper and more alert than before the plastic surgery. The Blepharoplasty helped to rejuvenate her looks and she looks more youthful and beautiful.

Overall Opinion

Both her critics and fans agree that Meryl Streep Plastic Surgery was a great success. Though the celebrity has denied having procured any cosmetic procedure, the operation that has enhanced her looks was done in a clinical way. It helped her to fight off signs of aging and she looks great and splendid at her age. Thanks to the cosmetic specialist who operated on her, Meryl Streep has acquired a new lease of life and is ready to take her career to another level.

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