Michael Jackson plastic surgery is arguably the most famous in history. The King of Pop sought to change his entire appearance and adopt another lifestyle altogether. Born in a family of five popular known as the Jackson’s five, he was one amongst the singers and dancers in the band that was called by the same name. he evolved into a pop musician who enjoyed large crowds and millions of fans across the world.

His previous photos show him as a dark skinned, wide faced and afro style celebrity. This later changed significantly and it was beyond denial that he had undergone cosmetic procedures.

Most of these procedures were damaging to him and had both physiological and emotional impacts. The following surgical procedures were carried on Michael Jackson at different times of his life.

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job

This is the most evident of the all procedures of the late pop musician went through. The size and shape of his nose before the surgical procedures was considerably bigger. The nostrils and the tip of his nose appeared wider and blunt respectively.

Michael Jackson nose job photos

Michael Jackson nose job photos

This is something that Michael Jackson was not happy with and wanted to change for the better. He went through several procedures that sought to enhance his nose making it smaller in size and sharper like that of the Westerners. This is when he met his disaster. The string of nose jobs that were done on him almost reduced the nose to nothing. Were it not for the intervention of a well known doctor, the nasal structures could have wasted away. The doctor rebuilt his nose again giving it shape and structure. This later operation was well received by the musician terming it as a relief. The nasal cartilage was almost gone thanks to the quick reconstructive surgery.

Cheek Implants

The same dissatisfaction that he had with his nose is what boiled down to his cheeks. Even though he vehemently denied any cheek implants, it was rather obvious that he had gone through it. His cheeks were different in appearance compared to his before surgery photos. They were a little fuller and shiny than previous. The chemicals that were used in the cheek implants seemed to take a toll on him because after sometime, the cheek muscles started wasting away. This was one of the lowest moments of the celebrity in his life.

Eyelid Surgery

Michael Jackson plastic surgery photos

Michael Jackson plastic surgery photos

Because of the degree of distortion that Michael Jackson had already undergone, it was rare to notice the surgical operation done on his eyelids. They were lifted up slightly and made to look tight. This had the effect of increasing the alertness of his eyes. This one also was not publicly acknowledged by the superstar.

Skin Operation

Because of his condition (Vitiligo), his skin had developed patches and spots which made him look rather weird. The dermatologist who worked on him tried to correct this by creating a uniform skin appearance and enhancing it with lighteners.

Michael Jackson plastic surgery was a failure and even though his fans kept on loving him because of his songs, his personality told a different story.

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